A Boost For Brands With The New Instagram Tagging

Tagging has become the norm now days, everything goes or comes with a hash tag. This norm was bought on by mainly twitter to keep track of the different topics happening around the world of tweet-vile.

So Instagram has created this to help keep like  items together and neatly organized. You can tag blog posts and YouTube videos. When you add a “hash” and you’re good to go on Twitter and Facebook.

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Another new thing which is to start today is Instagram users are to find a new section in the app called “Photos of You.”

This is a whole gallery of photos devoted to you and you alone.

According to the video, this whole tagging system will remain private to everyone until we get used to it until May 16th, when it’s get out to the public.

If, for some reason, you don’t want people tagging you, you have until then to change your privacy settings. After that, you can delete tags on a daily case-by-case basis.

The good news for brands is that you can now collect photos from your customers without doing a thing — provided they’re motivated to tag your photo in the first place. In the introductory video, a man tags a photo of a stack of pizzas from his favorite restaurant.

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The restaurant would then get a notification that they’ve been tagged and the photo would show up on their “Photos of You” page. From there, they could share the photo with more customers or use that customer’s obvious interest as a promotional opportunity.

Zuckerberg recently stated that he had no plans to put ads on Instagram, so this is the only chance you’re going to get at promoting your brand on the app.


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