Zuku Fiber Uganda Triple Play: Here is how to access it, the packages and the pricing

Internet connection is becoming a much bigger necessity with every other sunrise. Smart devices are flooding the area, and we can’t help but cry out on the overwhelming slow speeds – at an alarming cost. The Wananchi Group, the parent to Zuku TV, is plying its trade in the sector by deploying high capacity fiber optic network within Kampala to relay a Triple Play package.

This, Zuku claims, is “the first real triple play” offering in sub Saharan Africa with residential speeds of up to 100 Mbps. There is an inclusion of high quality voice services with free unlimited local on-net phone calls, and access to Zuku TV, all via fiber.

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In other words, Zuku Fiber is here to offer a fast reliable and unlimited internet, high quality TV and Internet telephone; all in a single pack.

What’s in the package? 

Like any thing that comes in threes, the Triple Play package comes with a modem for internet connectivity, a decoder for TV, and a phone handset for the calls; all for fiber.

This rules out any thoughts of Satellite TV subscribers expecting to just add on the modem and handset to complete the equation. No, the satellite connection is different from the fiber, and Zuku is rolling it out already.

The modem is WiFi standardardized to enable you surf at speeds of up to 100 Mbps – the fastest available. The same standard will work for the telephone, with which you can make internet calls within the connection radius.

The handset lets you make free zuku to zuku voice calls, with a charge imposed on off-net calls. The decoder, like any other, provides TV services and all content is streamed via fiber thus there is not a need for a satellite.

The Internet Coverage

Zuku is already running a pilot scheme of the Triple Play in and around Naguru hill. There are plans in place to see that the end of October finds Ntinda and Bukoto on board, as the spread widens.

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A look at the bouquets

The package comes in four packages; Basic with up to 10 Mbps internet speeds, Preferred with up to 20 Mbps, Premium with up to 40 Mbps, and Advanced with 100 Mbps.

All come with the handset and decoder, the difference being that Advanced comes with 100 Premium TV channels as the decoder bouquet while the other three have the Classic bouquet on the decoder, over 70 channels of view.

Subscription charges

To access Triple Play, you’ll need to part with a monthly price which seems fair enough given the speeds delivered.

The Basic package is at 147,900 Ugshs; the Preferred at 197,900 Ugshs; the Premium at 297,900 Ugshs; and the Advanced at 497,900 Ugshs.

If you wish to acquire an ‘Internet-only’ package, then you’ll part with 129,900 Ugshs for up to 10 Mbps; 179,900 Ugshs for up to 20 Mbps; 279,900 Ugshs for up to 40 Mbps; and 479,900 Ugshs for 100 Mbps speeds.

How to acquire and pay for Triple Play 

The Zuku Fiber packages can be acquired from Zuku offices on 13th floor DTB Centre Kampala Road or from Zuku Sales Executives on Naguru hill. There is also a dedicated Zuku Fiber customer care line on 0200724848.

Payment options include MTN Mobile Money, Airtel Money, Ezee Money, PayWay, and Interswitch.

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