The Shell EasyGO card is more than just a fuel card

Imagine a prepaid card that helps you pay for groceries, clothing, fuel, utility bills, restaurant bills, and almost everything at Visa merchants, without the need for a bank account, yet incurring zero costs. That is the Shell EasyGo fuel card.

Vivo Energy Uganda, the company that distributes and markets Shell-branded fuels and lubricants, just launched this ground-breaking Visa-enabled fuel card. The card is called EasyGo because it will deliver ultra-convenience to motorists and shoppers as it allows them to budget and plan for their expenditure, monitor and track usage, get discounts for their purchases and earn usage rewards on a secure platform.

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Shell customerss can as well use it at Shell service stations when buying fuel, car servicing, shopping, gas refills and at any outlet all over the world that accepts Visa payments. This means that the task of planning and budgeting for fuel for individuals and for commercial motorists including Uber drivers, boda-boda riders, taxi operators, and fleet owners is made easier.

The EasyGo card has best in class security features of Chip & Pin. The in-built ultra-secure technology secures your transactions, both at the service stations, shops and online. EasyGo card holders will have access to a self-service online portal where they can view their real-time account balances, transaction statements and also change their pin whenever they desire.

Customers get instant SMS alerts on their mobile phones after every transaction so they can track their transactions. It further removes the need for motorists to carry cash for fuel and shopping, thus reducing the risks that come with carrying cash.

Managing Director Vivo Energy Uganda, Mr. Gilbert Assi, The Managing Director of Barclays Bank, Mr. Rakesh Jha and Country Director VISA, Victor Ndlovu launching the EasyGO fuel card

Speaking at the launch of the EasyGo card, the Managing Director Vivo Energy Uganda, Mr. Gilbert Assi, said that unlike other card payments that come with charges, the EasyGo fuel card has no transaction fees or subscription fees. The card is also designed to give you rewards and discounts on your purchases at Shell service stations. This card also enables people who don’t have a bank account to access Visa services without a bank account.

Vivo Energy’s Retail Manager, Issa Karanja added that the introduction of the EasyGo card amplifies Vivo Energy’s position as an innovator and customer-centric company in the fuel industry. A wide range of our customers participated in the product development process and the end product includes features requested by customers – it is no wonder the product has had great traction already.

“The EasyGo card was developed because of the growing trend of cashless and online transactions in Uganda. It has also been developed with a reward on loading and cashback for every use at the forecourt for Shell loyal customers, as well as amazing discounts for subsequent promotions Vivo Energy will run. The EasyGo card works across borders and some of our customers have used the card at Shell service stations in Kenya.” He further highlighted.

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The Managing Director of Barclays Bank, Mr. Rakesh Jha pointed out that, “The EasyGo card is the only fuel card on the market that is Visa enabled thus giving user access to a wider range of services.”

“By extending outside traditional banking boundaries, this partnership creates opportunity for us to support the acceleration of financial inclusion since prepaid products play a vital role in reducing the dependence of cash, while allowing us to reach more people,” he added.


To get the EasyGo card, customers will only need provide either one of these identity documents: National ID, passport or driver’s permit, along with their mobile phone number.  The card will then be processed and issued immediately, making it hassle-free and convenient to register and top up. Customers can top up the card at Shell service stations, as well as through mobile money by dialling the code *233*40#yes to follow the prompts.



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