How to set up a SIM card lock on Android to secure your sensitive information

SIM card lock

Smartphones offer a myriad of security checks with which you can lock down your device from unauthorised access. We are talking about file system encryption, numerical passcodes, fingerprint and Face ID, and even third-party app lock measures. Unfortunately, none of these measures extends their protection to the sensitive information on the SIM card.

What you might or might be aware of is that a SIM card houses vital information about the user that a criminal can use to wreck havoc in your life. There’s your SIM contacts to contend with for starters.

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Imagine a scenario where a criminal gets a hold of your contacts to either blackmail you or your loved ones. It’s no wonder, therefore that people rush to get a police letter so that the telecom service provider can block their phone numbers ASAP.

Say you had airtime or a combo. Said criminal would use your very airtime to terrorise you and your loved ones. That’s adding insult to injury if you ask me. Also, the usual protocol criminals use is to switch off your phone, you can never tell what happens next.

Such a predicament can be easily resolved with a simple SIM lock.

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How to Set up a SIM card lock on Android

SIM card lock

The process to set up a SIM card lock is quite straightforward if you are to think about it.

>>Go to settings (the gear icon)

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>>Set up SIM card lock.

>>Enter the default SIM PIN

You can toggle the settings to Lock SIM card to require a PIN to use the phone or not. This stage is quite delicate. Any misstep that this level can lock your SIM card for good. The default SIM PIN is often 0000 or 1111. Remember, you only have 3 attempts, so make them count. Once you are done with this step, change the default SIM PIN otherwise anybody might be able to guess what it is.

SIM card lock

>>Tap Change SIM PIN

>>Enter old SIM PIN and press OK

>>Enter new SIM PIN

>>Confirm the new four-digit PIN

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>>Press OK and exit

SIM card lock

After you’ve set a SIM PIN, you have to first enter it every time you restart your phone or change your device. As stated earlier, you only get 3 attempts to get it right. Changing devices won’t flush this setting.

Coupled with your other security measures such as File system encryption and fingerprint/passcode lock, you would have covered all your bases. This way even when you lose your phone, nobody but you will be able to unlock it or use your SIM.


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