How to pay for Goods & services using MTN MoMoPay


Sometimes you can run out of cash and you just can’t figure out how to pay for the things you’d like to consume. The simple calculation of withdrawing the amount from your mobile wallet might tempt you into buying more than you need, thus being a bad idea. With MTN MoMoPay, ​you can pay for such goods and services at no cost.

This is a service that enables merchants receive payment for goods and services using MTN Mobile Money. It is accessible using *165*3# for both customers and merchants.

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While reducing any risks that may come with carrying cash, you also don’t have to struggle with small change amounts.

How to pay using MTN MoMoPay

All merchant premises will have a 6 digit merchant code displayed at the checkout counter which is how you get to know it. You use your phone to dial *165*3# where you enter the merchant’s code, amount and then your pin. Payment is made to your business owner at zero charge on your side.

After successful payment, you are immediately notified via SMS with a confirmation of the transaction. If you enter a wrong amount, more than you should pay, the merchant should be able to reverse it. They can dial *165*3#, select Reverse Transaction and follow the prompts, with the the Transaction ID needed to complete the reversal.

Becoming a Merchant

To sign up your business to MTN MoMoPay, send an email to the MoMoPay team with the your name, name of your business, contact number, and location.

Merchants are able to earn commission by selling airtime or making payments for customers. There is also room to merchants pay suppliers and pay salaries in case the business is large.

There is the ability for customers and merchants to deposit and withdraw funds from their bank accounts.

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Formal merchants are charged 2% of the payment received while the informal are  charged 1%.


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