Google is finally bringing Android Messages to the web

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Google has been making changes to its Messaging app, in a bid to create a better user experience. Following Apple’s recent addition of a feature that allows you to sync Messages across your various Apple devices in iCloud, the company is also rolling out a similar feature with Android Messages on the web. This addition will let you send and receive SMS and RCS (Rich Communication Services) text messages from your computer.

Once Google gives your account access to Messages for web, all you’ll need to do is visit the Messages for web site, then open up Android Messages on your phone and select the Messages for web option on your phone. You then scan the QR code, and start texting. The feature is available on all modern web browsers allowing you to send stickers, emoji, and attach images in addition to sending text.

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Google is adding a number of other features in Android Messages as well.

  • You’ll now be able to search for GIFs to add to your conversation, by tapping the “+” icon on the left hand side of the compose bar.
  • Smart Reply to Messages have also been added, so that you may reply to a message with just a tap, without typing it out, thus saving you time when you’re messaging on the go – by suggesting quick text or emoji responses to your message.
  • Messages will also now let you preview links before you open them up with an inline preview of the link visible, directly in your conversation; and the app will now let you easily copy one-time passwords and security codes.

Android Messages is also gaining support for Google Chat, so as to bring Chat to Android, with the service allowing for long messages, read receipts, and larger attachments. Google states that these features are coming to the Messages app over the next week.


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