These apps will enable you chat with friends even without an Internet connection

Traditional Short Message Service (SMS) is widely becoming an unpopular means of chat thanks to technology advancements. There are those moments you might not have data but need to communicate to someone or the other party might not have access to the internet. This is where SMS comes in handy.

Most people think the default messages app is the only app you can use to chat with your friends even without the internet. Here, I discuss other apps available for that purpose.

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Chomp SMS

This app is available only for Android phones right now. It gives you a lot of freedom to customize the app according to your theme. You can even send Multimedia Messages and block some numbers. It is available in two versions that are paid and free. You get some additional benefits by choosing the paid one.

Signal Offline Messenger

This app relies on peer to peer network and has a reach of 100 meters. The registration and verification of this app are offline, and no information passes through the cloud. Thus, the info is not at risk of getting hacked.

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You can easily contact people around you without the internet using this app. You can also transfer media using this and there is no limit for that. This app also supports has hundreds of stickers with which you can express yourself better. Hike is available for Android and IOS.

Handcent Next SMS

This android app is also another app with which you can send and receive texts without any internet connection. It works just like the native phone messages app.


This app allows you to create chat rooms and discuss things without the internet. FireChat connects devices up to 200 feet away from each other without any issues.

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The Serval Mesh

This app allows you to easily make phone calls, send text messages and even or files even when no internet or cellular network is working. It uses a store and forward system identified as Rhizome and is open-source.


This app directly connects with people using a peer to peer network, Bluetooth or any similar technology. With connected devices nearby and you can not only send text messages but also send images. It does not require any type of network, it creates one for its own using mesh network.

Whilst many of these apps are limited by distance, they can be handy for communication in class, at camps, or any other places where many people are gathered.


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