7 things to look out for before buying a Bluetooth Speaker

Speakers can be used for a vast number of duties. You can listen to music, podcasts, sermons, lectures among others. The love for Bluetooth speakers is growing as many of these devices are sold each year. There are many sellers of these Bluetooth speakers out there. This makes choosing between all of these options a daunting task. Here, I will discuss a number of factors to keep in mind before acquiring a Bluetooth speaker.

Battery Life

With portable devices, few things are more important than battery life figures. You want a Bluetooth speaker that will keep the music and sound coming. Nothing is worse than taking the speaker out for the day, only for it to die after a few hours. Fortunately, most Bluetooth speakers last 6-10 hours on average, and some speakers even boast 24-hour battery life. Depending on what you’re doing with the speaker, battery life above 10 hours should be considered a starting point.

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Water Resistance

More and more speakers continue to come with water resistance. Therefore, you’ll want to consider this feature for practical reasons. You might find water resistance unnecessary, but it comes in handy nonetheless. A speaker doesn’t have to be used near the pool or ocean for this feature to be useful. In reality, even mild water resistance can protect your speaker from splashes. You won’t have to worry about spilling a drink on the speaker or being out in a moist environment.

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Sound Quality

Plenty of buyers make the mistake of buying a Bluetooth Speaker that sounds lacklustre. Don’t buy a device with a basic speaker and terrible sound specs. Without a doubt, you’ll want to buy a speaker that offers stereo sound and at least some measurable bass. Many speakers now sport a subwoofer and decent bass, so you should look for one of these options. Sound quality is important here, especially if you plan to listen to music from the speaker on a regular basis.

Portability and Design

Companies have released dozens of ugly, bulky speakers over the years. To avoid various problems, you’ll want to consider speakers that are both portable and well-designed. Your Bluetooth speaker doesn’t need to look like a fancy car, but it should come with a good design. The lightweight and attractive design ensure your speaker is portable and easy to carry around. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to carry about a gigantic speaker that’s heavy, unwieldy, and unpleasant to look at.

Enhanced Features

The usage of Bluetooth speakers is not just limited to playing music nowadays. If the Bluetooth speaker can also support Google Assistant and SIRI, then it can be a lot more functional than usual.

True Wireless Connectivity Feature

Another innovative yet handy feature that a Bluetooth speaker must have is the convenience for pairing multiple speakers together for a consolidated powerful performance. While in outdoor locations or in halls where a single speaker is not sufficient for playing music, pairing two of the same type of speaker poses a better advantage.

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Lag-free connectivity

Apart from wireless connectivity, if the portable speaker provides you with the option for wired connectivity then it is certainly icing on the cake. In order to connect with devices which do not have Bluetooth connectivity, availability of the 3.5 mm auxiliary input will enable you to connect via an AUX cable.

The importance of a wireless speaker is immense. You should also look out for a wireless speaker that comes with Bluetooth version 4.1 or above. A built-in microphone is another smart feature that one must look out for in a Bluetooth speaker as it enables you to accept/reject calls hands-free.


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