5 things you’ll love about the itel A16 Smartphone for everyone

itel A16

The itel A16 is the latest Android smartphone from itel Mobile. It is arguably one of the most affordable Android smartphones you can buy right now. However, the A16’s affordability doesn’t compromise functionality, at least not that much and itel continues to deliver its promise of “Android for Everyone” with this one.

Just to clear the air, the itel A16 will not replace your flagship device that comes with iris scanners and pop up cameras. What you are sure of getting is a fully functional Android device in the itel A16 package without selling an arm and leg.

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We unboxed the A16 and shared our first impressions. After spending some waking hours in the company of this Android Go device, we put together a concrete review of the itel A16. It is amazing how a dirt-low priced package like this can deliver a great Android experience to the price-conscious consumers. Here are five things you will love about the itel A16.

1. 12 Month Warrant with Carlcare

After sales and customer support have been one of the reasons why Transsion companies of itel, Tecno and Infinix are winning in Africa. When you buy the itel A16, you get free professional full service in case of any software issues for a full year. This puts the A16 device apart from the pack as high end smartphones don’t have designated repair places and you end up with third party mechanics that charge crazy high prices. But with Carlcare, you will still get your itel A16 fixed affordably even after expiry of warranty.

2. Android Go.

itel A16

By now, you probably know what Android Go is. It is a toned down and refined version of Android OS to make it smooth on low end devices. The itel A16 comes with Android Go and this improves usability. It is in rare cases that you notice a lag even with just 512MB of RAM. Also, the reimagined version of Googles Apps means you will enjoy more out of the A16. YouTube Go is a master of saving data when streaming videos as it provides you with a range of options and you can also download videos for offline viewing. Other apps like Gmail Go (for emails), Maps Go (for getting around) and among others also add to an enjoyable experience.

3. Low price.

The itel A16 is one of the most affordable phones in Uganda right now with respectable specs. At UGX 180,000 you will find it hard to find a device better than the itel A16. This makes it affordable to students, low income earners that need a smartphone that will connect them to the broader world of the internet. The low price doesn’t compromise the smartphone experience a lot. You still get descent specs with the itel A16.

4. Dual SIM, Quad core processor and Expandable storage.

The itel A16 comes with dual SIM functionality with dedicated slots. This means you can have two SIM cards installed in your device and enjoy two telecom services or have one SIM card for work and the other for work. Even the mighty iPhone X can’t give you this (don’t hate iPhone guy). The A16 comes with a quad core processor that keeps things running smoothly. The other good thing is the ability to expand the storage via a microSD card. This means you will create more space to put your files and WhatsApp images and videos giving it a lead over other devices that don’t have expandable storage.

5. Free accessories

The itel retail box is a one stop to get your smartphone life started. It comes with a screen protector that adds a bit of fortification for the screen and prevents scratches that maybe created by keys or coins. Itel also provides a plastic phone cover with the itel A16. While some manufacturers don’t provide headsets in the retail box, the itel A16 comes with a pair of bundled headsets included in the box. Although these are not of the best quality, we are glad that they are there in the first place.

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There is more to love about the itel A16 especially when you consider its price. It is a good phone for senior citizens, students, first time smartphone buyers. It can also be a good kid’s phone to run some light weight kids games to keep the kids engaged without investing a lot. It also makes for a good second phone that can do all the day to day android business without much hassle.


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