All you need to know about One call Rate on Airtel and MTN Uganda

One call rate

After MTN Uganda launched one call rate calling for all local networks, Airtel Uganda launched one rate calling across all local networks for its customers too.

Competition in Uganda’s telecom sector is never dead. It doesn’t end in the ads space where a one “Dismas” ad overshadows the Airtel internet ad with the Karamajongs. There is competition in every dimension and for telecoms to remain relevant to customers, they always have to either match competitors’ offers or beat them.

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What is One Call Rate?

One call rate is a per second calling plan, an affordable alternative that helps a customer pay for only what they use, each time they make a call to any local network. The charge is 4/= per second. Therefore, if you speak for one second, you pay for one second.

How do I join One call rate?

Airtel customers don’t need to dial anything to be on the One rate standard. The telecom has automatically put all numbers on one rate. However, MTN Uganda customers have to simply dial *151*2# and then follow the on-screen prompts to register for one rate.

When does One Rate apply?

One rate does not apply for postpaid customers or when using voice bundles (My Pakapaka, Go-Bundle and Paka Paka) for MTN and My Pakalast, Pakalast and other voice bundles for Airtel.

Is it cheaper now with One Rate calling or more expensive?

It is definitely cheaper especially for customers who do a lot of cross-network calling. It is also cheaper than Airtel’s previous 3 Shilling Plan. Here, prepaid customers could call Airtel numbers at 3 shilling per second any day, anytime and 5.5 shillings per second from Airtel to other networks.

MTN and Airtel, who’s cheaper?

They have the same offer. They all charge 4/= per second which sums up to 180/= per minute

Do i need to switch to the other network?

You don’t need to switch if One Rate is the determining factor. However, you can switch if to the other if the other network offers more of the services you usually use (data, on-net voice, sms bundles) for less.

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