Skype for Android and iOS now allows you share your screen during video calls

Skype Screen Sharing

Not too long after the company introduced features like background blur during video calls and doubled support for participants in a video call to 50 people (bettering FaceTime’s 32 participants) on the Desktop version of its service, Microsoft is now turning to the mobile version of its telecommunications app.

Microsoft is reportedly testing a new “Screen Sharing” feature that will allow users of Skype on mobile (Android and iOS) share their display with other participants in a video call. Albeit the screen sharing feature has been available for desktop users for years, Skype is bringing it to Android and iOS users.

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The feature is currently available to beta testers only but will roll out globally in a month or less. If you are a Skype Beta tester (a.k.a Skype Insider), launch the Skype Preview app on your device, tap the ellipsis (…) menu icon during a video call, select “Share Screen” and then tap “Start Broadcast”.

To try out this feature before Skype officially rolls it out, you can join the Skype Insider program, select your device and operating system, and download the Skype Preview app.

Skype Screen Sharing

The Screen Sharing feature is an interesting one as it puts Skype ahead of its rivals (WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat etc.) and allows mobile users share Powerpoint presentations with coworkers on-the-go, collaborate on projects with colleagues, surf dating websites and apps with a BFF, or shop online with a family member.


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