Here is the list of all authorized Tecno shops in Uganda

Tecno shops Uganda

It’s hard to be alive now and not having an idea about TECNO’s existence in Africa, and Uganda. The company needs no formal introduction. The Chinese manufacturer shifted its market target entirely to Africa in 2008 following market research. This paid off and it’s probably why you are here looking for all authorized TECNO shops in Uganda.

But before we get to the list of official TECNO shops in Uganda, here is an interesting fact that you probably didn’t know. TECNO has never sold a device in their country of origin but made it up to the ranks in Africa especially after the introduction of their dual SIM phones.

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You are probably using a TECNO device to read this? No? Yes? That shouldn’t be a surprise. The company has its tentacles everywhere. Its affordable, but still appealing devices took it ahead of the herd. However, with a sea of TECNO shops (especially in Kampala), you may want to know where you can find genuine TECNO devices. Below is a list of authorized TECNO shops in Uganda. Remember, TECNO, Infinix and itel devices are mostly found in the same shops. Therefore, these TECNO shops may well be the same shops for Infinix and itel.

List of all authorized TECNO shops in Uganda

District Shop
Arua Arua Phones And Service Centre
Arua Divine Touch Arua
Arua Godmax Services Arua
Arua Laru Valid Electronics Ltd
Arua Lasting Phones
Arua London phones
Arua Mtn Arua
Arua Samoah Home Of Phones
Arua Smart Phone Centre
Busega Easy Telecom
Entebbe BT Shop 2
Entebbe God’Swill Phone Centre
Entebbe Mtn Victoria Mall
Entebbe Pmts Airtel shop Victoria Mall
Entebbe Secreto Shop Entebbe
Fort Portal Airtel Dealer Shop
Fort Portal Phone Zone Enterprises
Fort Portal Kenneth Investment Ltd
Fort Portal Steady Campany U Ltd
Fort Portal Tecno Exclusive Fort-Portal Steady Company (U) Ltd2
Gayaza Oolite Phone Accessories
Gulu Banana Phone World Gulu
Gulu Gulu Phone Centre
Gulu KBK
Gulu Maharaja Gulu
Gulu Mtn Gulu
Gulu Nasho Computers
Hoima 3Js Phone Center
Hoima Kespa
Hoima Phontex Electronics
Hoima Talk Appliances Ltd
Hoima Twaha.Com
Hoima Uk Smart Phone Center
Iganga Ham International
Iganga Jancture Enterprise Iganga
Iganga Juncture Enterprise
Iganga Samisa Iganga
Iganga Samisa Telecom
Ishaka Dreamline Electronics
Ishaka Ishaka Dot Com
Jinja Banana Phone World
Jinja Bayecs
Jinja Destino Infocom
Jinja Home Of Modern Phones
Jinja Jinja Samisa
Jinja Kamugemye General Enterprises
Jinja Kool Mobile Tech
Jinja L-Six Communications
Jinja Mobtech Jinja
Jinja Mtn Jinja
Jinja Pacific Mobiles Limited
Jinja Sadatinho Phones And Accessories
Jinja San Telecom
Jinja Skyline Phone Center
Jinja Tecno Centre Jinja
Jinja Tecno Exclusive Jinja Mob-Tech 4
Jinja Venom
Jinja Walk & Talk
Kabale Quality Services
Kabale Simba Telecom
Kabale Star Telecom
Kabale Star World Kabale
Kabwohe Dap Com (U) Ltd
Kajansi Bt Shop
Kajansi Gt Telecom
Kamokya Jamal K Gadgets And Accessories Kamokya
Kampala Advanced Technology
Kampala Africell Kampala Road
Kampala Afritech-Kampala Rd.
Kampala Airtel Bugolobi
Kampala Airtel Clock Towers
Kampala Airtel Communication
Kampala Airtel Communication Ltd
Kampala Airtel Kampala Road
Kampala Airtel Kyagwe Road
Kampala Airtel Lugogo
Kampala Airtel New Park
Kampala Airtel Ntinda
Kampala Airtel Shop Garden City
Kampala Airtel Shop Wandegeya
Kampala Ausi Ten Smart Phones
Kampala Baigaga (U) Limited
Kampala Banana Phone World Arua Park
Kampala Banana Phone World Boulevard
Kampala Banana Phone World Bugolobi
Kampala Banana Phone World Charm
Kampala Banana Phone World City Square
Kampala Banana Phone World Kabalagala
Kampala Banana Phone World kampala road
Kampala Banana Lugogo
Kampala Banana Luwum Street
Kampala Banana Top Finance
Kampala Banana William St.
Kampala Banana William St. 3
Kampala Banana William St-2
Kampala Banana xtel
Kampala Berries
Kampala Biorun
Kampala Bites&bytes
Kampala Bridging Business
Kampala Car phone
Kampala Care Imaging Solutions
Kampala CD Plus
Kampala City Phones
Kampala Computer Empire
Kampala Computer Express
Kampala Computer Ocean
Kampala Computer.In
Kampala Computers And Mobiles
Kampala Cyber Intel
Kampala Dada Technology
Kampala Decade Investments
Kampala Decade Investments Kla road
Kampala Dembe Phones
Kampala Deno Telecom
Kampala Dephones
Kampala DePhones 2
Kampala Destiny Phones Kampala
Kampala Didas Phones And Accessories
Kampala Dubai Phones
Kampala Electronic Hub
Kampala Ericom
Kampala Ericom 2
Kampala Family Shopping Point 1
Kampala Family Shopping Point 2
Kampala Fashion City Ltd
Kampala Fast Mobile
Kampala Fix Smart Phones
Kampala Fone Zone
Kampala Fred Investments
Kampala Gadget Hub Ltd
Kampala Gadget Hub William St.
Kampala Gadget Store
Kampala Glory Mart Phones
Kampala Go Phones Charm
Kampala Go phones City Square
Kampala Go phones Market
Kampala Go Phones Pioneer Mall
Kampala Go Phones Postoffice
Kampala Hassen Ten
Kampala Hello Mobile Johnson Street
Kampala Hello Mobile Kyagwe Road
Kampala Hello Mobile William Street
Kampala Highness Electronics And Computer
Kampala His Grace Kampala
Kampala Icon Computers
Kampala Infortech
Kampala Infotech
Kampala Itech
Kampala Jamal K Gadgets And Accessories Kampala
Kampala JMK Phones
Kampala John Ning Trading Company
Kampala Kacherere Investments
Kampala Kamwokya Service Centre
Kampala Kings Communication
Kampala Kings Communication2
Kampala Kings Infosys Ltd
Kampala Kings Infosys Ltd Kampala road
Kampala Kizito Phones
Kampala Kizito Phones 11
Kampala Kizito Phones-Kisasi
Kampala Kk Trust Phones
Kampala Laptop Avenue
Kampala Laptop World Ltd
Kampala Macc Adams
Kampala Mahad Telecom
Kampala Marish Phones
Kampala Mercury
Kampala Micromax
Kampala Micronet Computers
Kampala Micronet Kibuye
Kampala Micronet Kireka
Kampala Micronet Nasana
Kampala Micronet Nkrumah
Kampala Midcom Acacia
Kampala Midcom Kla Rd
Kampala Millenium Exclusive Victoria Mall
Kampala Millennium Exclusive Kampala Accacia Mall
Kampala Millennium Exclusive Kampala Road
Kampala Mk Phones
Kampala Mks Shop
Kampala Mob-tech
Kampala More Enterprises
Kampala Moses And Sarah (All For God)
Kampala Moses Phones And Accessories
Kampala Mr Gadget
Kampala Mr Gadget-Zebra Plaza
Kampala M-Tech
Kampala MTI
Kampala Mtn Clock Tower
Kampala Mtn Crested Tower
Kampala Mtn Dembelyo Kampala
Kampala Mtn Forest Mall
Kampala Mtn Kampala Road
Kampala Mtn Kyaggwe Road
Kampala Mtn Lugogo
Kampala Newtech Computers And Electronics Ltd
Kampala Nokia Phones
Kampala Notebook Hub
Kampala One Electronics
Kampala PC Plus
Kampala Phone Care
Kampala Phones For You
Kampala Praise comm
Kampala Prestige Eletronoics & Computers
Kampala R&R Electronics
Kampala Rabbi
Kampala Rabbi investiment 5
Kampala Rabbi Investments 2
Kampala Rabbi Investments3
Kampala Rabbi Investments4
Kampala Rock Unlimited City Square
Kampala Royal Firm
Kampala S.D.Technologies
Kampala Sekalex
Kampala Simba Arua Park
Kampala Simba Blitz
Kampala Simba Garden City
Kampala Simba Head Office
Kampala Simba Kampala Road
Kampala Simba Kikuubo
Kampala Simba Lugogo
Kampala Simba MTN
Kampala Sky Bytes
Kampala Skybytes System And Computers Ltd
Kampala Smart Buy
Kampala Smart Buy 2
Kampala Smart Unit Computer Ltd
Kampala Smart Unit Computer Ltd-2
Kampala Stop4computers
Kampala Sunny Mobile Phone Limited
Kampala T And A Phones
Kampala Tab Adam Seeta
Kampala Tal Phone Gurus
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Banana 1
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Banana 2
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Banana3
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Crossriver1
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Fashion City1
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Fashion City2
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello Mobile 10
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello Mobile 6
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello Mobile 7
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello mobile 9
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello Mobile1
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello Mobile2
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello Mobile3
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello Mobile4
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello Mobile5
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Hello mobile8
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Mob-Phones
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Rock Unlimited
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Rock Unlimited2
Kampala Tecno Exclusive Kampala Rock Unlimited3
Kampala Tele Corner
Kampala Tele System
Kampala Telecom one
Kampala The Canon Sky Blue
Kampala Tibz Investments 2
Kampala Tibz Investments Haruna
Kampala Timcom Kampala Rd.
Kampala Time Computers Ltd
Kampala Total Brand Masters Ltd
Kampala Trust Phones
Kampala Tul Communication
Kampala Tuscom Ntinda
Kampala Utl-Clock Tower
Kampala Utl-Head Quarter
Kampala Utl-Lugogo
Kampala Utl-Oasis
Kampala Varun Computers
Kampala Wazza Phones
Kampala Wilicom
Kampala Wireless Nakumatt
Kampala ZV Phones
Kamuli Airtel Shop Kamuli
Kamuli Big 5 Highway
Kamuli Ejakiat Investments
Kamwokya Dubai Investments
Kamwokya Mr Gadget-Acacia Mall
Kamwokya Ultimate Gadget Mania
Kasese Ronnie Phones And Accessories
Kawempe 3D Connection
Kawempe Crane Telecom
Kawempe Gaggawala Smart Phones
Kawempe Kizito Phones 2
Kawempe Nipo Investments Ltd
Kisoro Kisoro Tecno Center
Kisoro Tecno Centre Kisoro
Kyaliwajala Kizito Phones and Accessories
Kyaliwajjalla Dembelyo Shop
Kyaliwajjalla Kyaliwajjala Phone City
Kyengera Sabil-lah Phones And Accessories
Lira King Of Music Ltd
Lira Lira Michael Yan
Lira Maharaja Lira
Lira Mandela Electronics
Lira Misty Traders Ltd
Lira Mountain View
Lira Odora Phone World
Lira Simba Smart World Cellular
Lira Tecno Mobile Phone Point
Masaka 4G Phones And Accessories
Masaka Africell Shop
Masaka G World
Masaka Jose Phone World
Masaka Musha Telecom
Masaka No Boss Enterprises
Masaka Paper World
Masaka Phone Depo 1
Masaka Phone Depo 2
Masaka Silver Man
Masaka Simba masaka
Masaka Tele Systems Masaka
Masaka Zzimba Phone World
Masindi Blue Boyz Home of Electronics and Luxury
Masindi Jitta Digital Phones
Masindi Kisente Mobile Phones
Masindi Mahamoud K Investment
Masindi Mtn Masindi
Masindi Muto Classic B
Masindi Sure B General Enterprise
Matugga Savannah
Mbale Africa Online-Pallisa Rd
Mbale Am Smart Phone Centre
Mbale Bamukwana Phone Centre
Mbale Cellural Solutions
Mbale Dammam phones & electronics
Mbale Hic Phone Centre
Mbale Kigs Phone Centre
Mbale Mtn Mbale
Mbale Samisa -Mbale
Mbale Super Sky Mbale uchumi
Mbale Wachemba Telecom
Mbarara Banana Phone World Mbarara
Mbarara Decent Electronics
Mbarara Destiny House Of Smart Phones
Mbarara Dreamline Electronics Mbarara
Mbarara Kenn Com
Mbarara Mm City Phones
Mbarara Mtn Mbarara
Mbarara Muna Xt
Mbarara Nkg Telecom
Mbarara Simba Mbarara
Mbarara Tecno Exclusive Mbarara Sea Trade2
Mbarara Tm Phone Solutions
Mbarara Verizon Forex Bureau
Mityana Jimmy Phones
Mityana Kawino Phones
Mityana Ken Technologies 1
Mityana Ken Technologies 2
Mityana Lena Smartphones
Mityana Ngabi Phones
Mityana Tadex Phone Center
Mityana Yan Phones
Mubende Believe Jesus
Mubende Giant Phones
Mubende Natigo Phone World
Mukono Kirum Investments Ltd
Mukono Mtn Dembelyo Mukono
Mukono Multi-Tech
Mukono Nabuti Electronics
Mukono Nvuma Electronics
Mukono Sena Phones
Mukono Ssembe Sue Cellular
Mukono Tiger Electronics Mart
Nateete Mobile City
Nateete Ssese Phase 2 Investments
Nateete Verccom Tech-Trust Solutions
Nateete Wesige Mukama
Nebbi God’S Will Electronics
Nebbi Seers Tecnology
Ntungamo Hippo Telecom
Ntungamo Uncle Denis Electronics
Ntungamo Zepha Best Quality
Paida Pikwo Enterprises
Paidha Gadget Arena
Paidha Modernity Electronics Ltd
Pakwach Gwok Pacu Phones
Pakwach Padinga Enterprises
Rukungiri Inn Wahab Investments
Soroti Otrich Investments
Soroti Otrich Phone World
Soroti Pema Toners
Soroti Phone Master
Soroti Tecno Centre Soroti
Soroti The GEM Hub
Tororo Amisha Investment
Tororo Kigs Electronic Centre
Wakiso Happy Times
Wakiso Mtn Dembelyo Wakiso
Yumbe Smart Phones Dealers


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