Telkom Kenya set to upgrade its core network in 5 major towns

As part of Telkom Kenya’s Ksh 1 Billion network expansion and optimization program, the third largest Telco in Kenya is carrying out upgrades to its infrastructure in five major towns in Kenya. Along with this upgrade, expansion of services such as their IP Core to 100Gigabit, up from the current 30Gigabit will also be carried out in a bid to provide better internet experiences to its users.

The planned upgrade will be carried out in the following towns;

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  • Nairobi
  • Kisumu
  • Mombasa
  • Nakuru and
  • Eldoret.

Telkom’s Chief Technical and Information Officer, John Barorot, says that the expansion and optimization programme is geared towards the consistent delivery of high-quality service to all its customers across the country.

“There may be pockets of network interruption during the execution of this specific upgrade but our customers and Kenyans should look forward to an even more superior experience once done.” He added.

The network upgrade covers both 3G and 4G sites in the five mentioned urban areas with a targeted focus on metros as well as areas around universities and colleges.

Some 3G sites have been earmarked for upgrade to 4G, with the upgrade partly driven by a spike in smartphone users.

This expansion will ensure that subscribers enjoy smoother live streaming, faster downloads and uploads, and sharing of video and audio content.

Source: Telkom Kenya

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