How to Download Apps on LG, Samsung and Roku Smart TVs

Downloading Apps on LG TV Samsung TV Roku TV

Streaming is fast becoming a more popular way most users consume contents on their TVs be it audio or video. You can even play games with only your Smart TV now without any gaming console involved. This is made possible by a number of select apps which provides access to a wide variety of contents ranging from sports, movies, music, games and so forth. A number of these apps might come preloaded on your smart TV while you might have to add some yourself.

Here is a step by step guide to help you find your app of choice and add or download them to your LG, Samsung or Roku smart TVs. However, there are possibilities of there being some similarity in the process for some of these TVs so dive in and enjoy.

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Downloading apps on an LG Smart TV

In most cases, your smart TV usually comes with a bunch of preloaded apps on its home screen and you can check there for the apps you want.

If it is not there, then you look for the ‘LG Content Store’ by shifting through the tabs at the bottom of your screen right there on your home screen. Open the Content Store and you would see a bunch of stuff ranging from movies, apps, TV shows and so on.

Look for the apps icon at the top of the screen in the content store and open it.

This takes you to the Apps menu where you will see a number of apps on display. You can either find it by going into the category you think it would be in or better still just search for it using the search icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Once you find it, whether in the LG Content Store screen or in the Apps menu, open it up and click on install. You will then wait for a few seconds after which you will get a notification that your application has been installed.

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Once installed, the former ‘install button’ will now show launch and you can click that to launch the app or find it in the home screen where it will be automatically added.

Downloading apps on a Samsung Smart TV

Things are a bit different on the Samsung Smart TVs but basically, there are still preloaded apps on the home screen too.

Find the Apps tab at the bottom of the screen and open it. In the Apps menu, you will see a ‘My Apps’ section containing apps that already installed on your Smart TV.

If the app you want is not there you can browse for it in the other sections like ‘What’s New’,’Most Popular’, Video LifeStyle’ and so on You can also search for it by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top right corner and typing in the name of the app of choice.

You can go ahead to select the app of choice and then click on ‘Install’ which is going to take a moment to finish. After installation, you can open the app right there or add it to your home screen for later.

Note: You will have to set up a Samsung account or log in if you have one already for the first time to download an app.

Downloading apps on a Roku Smart TV

A number of TV brands use the Roku OS on their smart TV like Hisense, Philips, TCL, Sharp and so on. Hence, they are usually referred to as Roku TV and you don’t have to plug in any Roku media box or stick. On Roku, Channels are used in the place of Apps so we would be mentioning Channels going forward.

Navigate to the Home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote and then select ‘Streaming Channels’.

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This opens up the Channel Store where you can browse for the Channel of choice or search for your desired Channel.

You can then install the channel by clicking the ‘Add Channel’ button.

Once completely installed you can open it up an start enjoying the content thereof.

Adding Private Channels

For private Channels which are not listed in the official store, you will have to add them from a browser or Roku Mobile App. However, you must make sure that you have the Private Channel Code that works in your region.

Visit the official Roku website and sign in to the Roku account you use on the Roku TV. After you’re in, click on the profile icon and enter your ‘My Account’ page then click on ‘add channel with a code’ in the ‘manage account’ section. Enter the Channel Code and click ‘add channel’.

An alert will come up telling you that it is not an official channel and that Roku is not responsible for the content therein. Click ‘OK’ if you want to proceed and go ahead to add the Channel. After some hours or a day at most, you will be able to access the Channel on your Roku TV.


It is important that you understand that you might have some differences on your TV depending on the model or how old it is. Also, some apps require payment while some might offer a few days of trial after which you will be billed.

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