Here’s the difference between Google Drive and Google One

We all know Google Drive, so it probably needs no introduction. But let’s not presume. If you must know, Google Drive is a cloud storage and synchronisation service. With Google Drive, Google users get to store their files on Google servers which they can synchronise and access and also share across devices.

Perhaps its best feature yet is Google’s very own Office productivity suite which comprises Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Forms. Users can create docs, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and more at no extra cost, which are all automatically saved on Google Drive.

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Not quite done with us, Google Drive also offers downloadable apps for Mac/iOS, Windows, and Android devices, giving users the capability to offline. That’s it in-browser isn’t your thing.

As long as you have a Google account, you are indeed legible for a free storage service limited to a sizable 15GB of storage. And as you know, Google Drive storage is shared across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos.

How to use Google Drive offline
How to Sync folders between your computer and Google Drive

So then, what’s Google One?

Google One

Google One is a subscription-based plan you can upgrade to once you exceed Google’s free 15GB cap. After you upgrade from your free storage plan, a Google One membership replaces your current Drive storage plan. Google One’s paid offering starts at 100GB to as much as 30TB of storage with a lineup of subscription plans to choose from depending on your usage.

Google One benefits, storage size & cost

Once you become a paying subscriber, Google One gives you access to Google experts, the option to add family members and extra member benefits. What these benefits are, I can’t say as they vary from country to country.

Some of them include Google Play credits and preferred pricing on select hotels (up to 40%) found in Google Search. Why Google is dabbling in accommodation is a mystery for another day.

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  • 15GB: Free forever
  • 100GB: $1.99/month ($19.99/year)
  • 200GB: $2.99/month ($29.99/year)
  • 2TB: $9.99/month ($99.99/year)
  • 10TB: $99.99/month
  • 20TB: $199.99/month
  • 30TB: $299.99/month

Google One users can’t buy storage through Google Drive

Google Drive storage

Due to reasons only Google knows, it’s Google One users can no longer buy storage through Google Drive as has been the case. A free Google account holder is automatically upgraded to a Google One user once they upgrade.

However, for G-Suite users, it’s business as usual. Interestingly, you only need to upgrade your storage on the Basic plan (see image above). The storage sizes and prices are exactly the same as those under the Google One plans. The Business and Enterprise plans offer unlimited cloud storage or 1TB per user if there are 5 users or less.


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