How to use Safeboda to deliver things

SafeBoda in Nigeria

Ordering a Safeboda to take you to your preferred destination is one thing. Ordering a Safeboda to deliver your products to a customer, or maybe deliver lunch to your child at school is another thing.

There are many businesses online that use Safeboda to deliver their products to customers. On Twitter, I came across a number that trust Safeboda to handle their deliveries.

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I personally tried this out on two occasions to get the experience of trusting a person you do not know to deliver things. On one occasion, I sent a friend of mine a MiFi and on another, I sent my laptop charger to a technician who was fixing my faulty machine.

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How It Works

You order for a Safeboda normally as though you are the one going to travel. The pick-up location is where you are and the drop-off destination is where you want to deliver to. While ordering, you can opt to use cashless or cash, depending on who will handle the payments.

Once the Safeboda arrives, you hand him/her the item you want to be delivered. You then give him a contact of who he/she can call when he arrives at the area. 

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Normally, after this, you can relax and trust that your item will be delivered. In case it is taking long, you can contact the Safeboda directly via the contact he used to call you, or you can contact the support team at Safeboda and explain to them your issue.

I talked to a couple of businesses who use Safeboda to deliver their goods and here is what House of Penda had to say:

We have not had issues with Safeboda. The credit option is also helpful. We charge our clients according to the rate that Safeboda gives for the distance. We are also comfortable letting the riders deliver cash from our clients.

I also asked Safeboda if they might have anything in the kitchen for people, specifically, businesses that deliver using their riders and I was told to keep on the lookout.

Have you used Safeboda to deliver anything? We would like to hear about your experience. Please share with us in the comments section below.


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