How to Use SafeBoda for business to plan your movements as a team

Transport is one of the essential expenditures for companies in Uganda. Non-residential employees need to move to and from work. Workers also move around running business errands for the company. SafeBoda has a segment designed to help Businesses manage their transportation called SafeBoda for Business.
SafeBoda for Business is only for companies, not individuals and for one to register for this service they have to sign the SafeBoda for Business terms of use.
For one to register for SafeBoda for Business, he/she can request a meeting by writing an email to [email protected]. The SafeBoda team will then set up an appointment, meet the company and understand their needs and the number of staff members they have. They can then sign a contract and begin using the service.


For a company to register for SafeBoda for Business, it must have the following requirements.
  • Certificate of the company
  • Location of the business
  • Names and numbers of individuals SafeBoda will register under the company account. Note: The numbers should be the ones each member used to sign into the SafeBoda app
  • Amount of Cashless to be allocated for each number
  • Details of the administrator who will be the contact person for the company i.e. request for cashless top-ups on behalf of the team and receive travel reports.

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How team members use this service

The team uses the normal app and the normal ordering process. The difference is that for SafeBoda for Business clients, another payment option, of Business cashless, is added to the app. This means that when a team member from any company wants to run an errand for the company they choose Business as their payment option.

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What are the features and new services offered that are not offered to a normal SafeBoda user?

A Business client gets travel reports at the end of every month and can see the company usage and also see how the employees moved – did they go to places they were sent to?

Logistics and transportation expenses take a significant bite out of a company. Companies must therefore properly manage and analyze their transportation expenses. SafeBoda for Business offers such an opportunity.


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