Wishlist: 5 Safeboda features we would like to use

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Safeboda is the most used boda hailing service in Uganda. With more than 8,000 Safebodas, it surpasses global brands like Uber and Taxify. While the company has worked to put almost every feature of any ride hailing app, there are a couple of features on our wish list that will make the service even better.

Some of these features may be out of necessity and some because of what competitors like Uber are doing. Even with the recent price increases during peak hours, as a regular rider, I can boldly say Safeboda has a great reputation with its riders. But it’s human nature to want more right? It’s in this spirit that we have compiled some of these features we would like to see Safeboda introduce to the Safeboda App this year.

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#1: Pre ordering a Safeboda.

I’ve always hated having to order for a Safeboda every time am heading to work in the morning. I always travel to work on a Safeboda and sometimes I wish I would automate this process by pre-ordering since most of the time I have to wait a few minutes before the Safeboda arrives to pick me.

Imagine a world where you wake up, and your Safeboda is just outside your house waiting to take you to work. A world where you can schedule routine rides through the week. A beautiful world. How Safeboda features incoporate this?

#2: Sharing Safeboda credits with another person.

I was one of the saddest people when Safeboda disabled mobile money top up from their App. However, the smile is back on after the company announced that mobile money top was live again. However, sometimes you might have extra credits you could share with one of your mates. Sharing is caring right?

One of the Safeboda features we have been pondering about is one that enables customers share credits among themselves. Maybe Safeboda credits can one day become a currency among regular riders who want to ride cashlessly. For example, I could pay you with Safeboda credits if I owe you. Simple. This would be great and maybe Safeboda can also make some money off this by charging a little credit transfer fee (wink wink).

#3: In-app chat and message feature.

In a situation where you don’t have credit, and the Safeboda doesn’t call. What do you do when you can’t get in touch with your Safeboda? Maybe cancel and order for another Safeboda and hope they call. Annoying.

However, the Safeboda app is internet based and hence getting in contact with your Safeboda driver should not necessarily be limited to phone calls. We would like to see Safeboda features updated to include a VoIP calling function in the app to enable customers to connect to Safebodas without the need for phone credit. If that seems too much to ask, how about borrowing a leaf from Uber by introducing a messaging capability in the app?

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This will reduce on the spend burden and make the app a one stop center for requesting and getting in touch with the rider.

#4: Ability to order more than one trip.

Oh the night life, hanging out with friends and being happy. Friday’s could be lit until its time to get home and one of your friends doesn’t have a smart phone, or ride hailing app. The other means of transport get expensive as it gets late.

However, what if I could request for my ride and then use the app to request for my friend who doesn’t have a smart phone? We all want to get home safely, right? And we want to spend all this money with Safeboda. So why limit me to one trip?

#5: Sharing trip info with my contacts.

I don’t think am the only one who feels safer having my loved ones know my whereabouts. Ride hailing apps like Taxify have executed this feature well where one is able to send trip information to their contacts.

This could be a good security measure and reassures customers that there is someone out there keeping an eye on them. We want to see Safeboda introduce this feature this year.

#6: Others:

Making deliveries. Like fetch gas from shell/total station

Ability to change option for payment (If I chose cash earlier but I realize I don’t have enough so I may want to switch back to credits).

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