Data Deals: Here’s what Airtel Uganda, MTN Uganda, and Africell are offering monthly

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For users who need heavy data requirements for their day to day activities, monthly data bundles come in handy. For a long time, monthly data bundles in Uganda have been quite expensive.

Thanks to the competition, the price for monthly data has been reducing steadily. Here is a summary of what Airtel Uganda, MTN Uganda, and Africell are offering monthly.

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Airtel Uganda

This telecom company decided to double the number of monthly data customers were receiving. It is however not clear when this offer will be shelved. As it stands, here is what Airtel Uganda is offering:

  • 50MB at UGX 5,000
  • 1.5GB at UGX 10,000
  • 9GB at UGX 30,000
  • 20GB at UGX 50,000
  • 25GB at UGX 90,000
  • 65GB at UGX 150,000

The above bundles are the same when you purchase via airtime or Airtel Money. There are no bouses enjoyed.

MTN Uganda

When it comes to data, MTN is significant because of a widely stable and fast network. Here is what they are offering monthly when you purchase via airtime.

  • 25MB at UGX 1,500
  • 300MB at UGX 5,500
  • 600MB at UGX 10,000
  • 3GB at UGX 20,000
  • 10GB at UGX 50,000
  • 30GB at UGX 100,000

At the time of writing this article, MTN is offering double the above offers when you buy via MTN Momo.

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Africell Uganda

This particular telecom company hasn’t been moved by the cheap bundles offered by its competitors. It has the most expensive data bundles of the three. Here are they:

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  • 20MB at UGX 1,450
  • 100MB at UGX 4,400
  • 125MB at UGX 4,900
  • 250MB at UGX 9,750
  • 350MB at UGX 13,500
  • 500MB at UGX 19,500
  • 1GB at UGX 34,500
  • 1.5GB at UGX 44,500
  • 2GB at UGX 49,850
  • 3GB at UGX 59,500
  • 3.5GB at UGX 75,000
  • 5GB at UGX 89,000
  • 7GB at UGX 104,000
  • 10GB at UGX 124,850
  • 15GB at UGX 199,000
  • 20GB at UGX 210,000
  • 30GB at UGX 284,900
  • 40GB at UGX 315,000
  • 50GB at UGX 330,000
  • 80GB at UGX 430,000
  • 100GB at UGX 480,000

Which of the above bundles do you prefer? What do you like or dislike about the above data bundles? Any challenges you are facing so far? Share with us in the comments section below.


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