Airtel Uganda Reduces Calling Rates Across All Networks

airtel calling rates

In a bid to remain customer-centric and provide affordable products, Airtel Uganda on 4th July 2019 reduced calling rates across all local networks. The reduced Airtel calling rates apply to prepaid customers.

The rates have been reduced from a flat rate of UGX 4 per second to UGX 3 per second for clients calling to other networks or Airtel to Airtel. The tariff reduction only applies to prepaid customers as postpaid customers already use the Ush 3 per second across all networks.

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Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr. V.G Somasekhar said that “The Smartphone Network” is committed to serving customers with quality network at the most affordable rates.

“We always commit to affordability and simplicity in our operations. When you make any call, from anywhere at any time you are guaranteed to spend only UGX 3 per second. A minute is as low as UGX 180 across all networks,” he said.

Airtel Uganda Managing Director Mr V.G Somasekhar

Competition in the voice business is getting a bit tight after MTN also announced up to 100% bonus on its voice bundles.

Airtel is the fastest growing telecom brand in Uganda resultantly from the extensive network rollout that has happened in the last one year to build Uganda’s only 100% 4G network.

Airtel currently boasts of 1,632 sites and over 3,900 kilometers of fiber across Uganda covering 95.9% population, making it possible for subscribers around the country to enjoy an improved experience in Internet-based activities. This encompasses video conferencing, video calling, video streaming, gaming services, and mobile internet access.

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