How to Get a Safaricom eSIM in Kenya

Airtel eSim Card

The recently launched iPhone 14 series of devices won’t support the physical SIM card that’s been part of the mobile industry since the beginning. This change affects the US for now but like we saw with the headphone jack, it is only a matter of time before the SIM Card is antiquated.

So how will the iPhone 14 users in the US connect their flashy new devices to the mobile networks? Simple, by using eSIMs. It looks like the era of the eSIM is upon us and for those of us outside the US, it is time to start looking at how these will be acquired in our specific markets.

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In Kenya, eSIMs are still relatively new and only a few carriers do support this next-generation subscriber identification method and in this post, we talk you through how to get one on Safaricom. The other carrier that supports eSIM in Kenya is Faiba but these guys have bigger issues like service reliability and coverage, let alone eSIM adoption.

What do You Need?

Like the purchase of any SIM Card in Kenya, you will need to present yourself to the Safaricom Shop or to an accredited Safaricom Sales agent in person.

You will need to bring with you your national identification card, or a valid Passport to facilitate in proper identification.

This applies to both new subscribers looking to purchase an eSIM from Safaricom, or existing customers looking to swap their physical SIM Cards for these virtual embedded SIMs.


An eSIM from Safaricom will cost you KES 150. This is if you’re looking to do a SIM Swap from your physical SIM Card to eSIM. For an eSIM with a new phone number, you will need to pay KES 250.

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Safaricom is a trailblazer in the telecom space, not just in Kenya but in the region as well. They’re the first to offer this service and while we understand that legislation has made the acquisition of SIM Cards pretty tedious, there should and needs to be a way to apply for and get a Safaricom eSIM online.


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