These are the most powerful passports in Africa

So, how powerful a passport is, is measured with different factors put into consideration – the number of countries holders of that passport can visit without the need of the visa (Visa free), Visa on arrival; meaning you can get visa approval after you’ve arrived your destination, and Visa required; this means you must get visa approval from the embassy in your country before you can travel.

This year’s ranking was released on Passport index early in the year and it shows that African passports are very weak when compared to those from other continents – a lot of African countries still can not travel freely around the world. Seychelles is rated as the most powerful country in Africa. It is ranked in category 23 on the world list and has a mobility score of has visa-free access to 104 countries, Visa on arrival: 33, and Visa required: 61.

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Mauritius, an East African country, is second on the list. It is ranked in category 26, mobility score of 134, visa-free access to 100 countries, visa on arrival: 34, visa required: 64. Third on this list is South Africa, ranked in category 41 with a mobility score of 101, it has visa-free access to 63, visa on arrival: 34, visa required: 97.

Top 10 most powerful passports in Africa

 African rankingMobility ScoreVisa-freeVisa on arrivalVisa required
SEYCHELLES 11371043361
MAURITIUS 21341003464
SOUTH AFRICA 3101633897
LESOTHO 5794732119
MALAWI 7764333122
NAMIBIA 9744232124

The above table contains the top 10 African countries with the most powerful Passports. Kenya completes the list with a mobility score of 74, Visa-free: 39, Visa on arrival: 35, and Visa required: 124. Same as Namibia and Tanzania.

Below is another table containing Prominent African countries that didn’t make the list – including Nigeria, Uganda, Egypt and Ghana.

 African rankingMobility Score Visa-FreeVisa on arrivalVisa required
UGANDA 14723636126
MOROCCO 16713140127
GHANA 19673829131
EGYPT 39581741140

Featured Image: Pixabay


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