How to Check DSTV Subscription Expiry Date in Nigeria

For some of us who own DSTV decoders, you would agree with me that keeping track of subscription expiry date can be very tasking. If you find this to be a very tasking thing to do, DSTV has got you covered with these 3 seamless ways to check your DSTV expiry date in Nigeria.

Checking DSTV Subscription expiry date via Eazy Self Service

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 Here, you will need an internet enabled device; a laptop, mobile phone or tablet to access the DSTV self-service portal.

  • First, log on to the eazy self-service portal (
  • Next step, you sign in using your phone number registered with dstv and your Smartcard/IUC number. The smartcard number is the unique number used to identify your decoder.
  • Once the log in is successful, you would be able to see your active subscription and the expiry date.

Checking DSTV Subscription Via Mobile App

This is specifically for Smartphone or tablet users. The DSTV mobile app is available for download on the Google play store for Android users and Apple play store for IOS devices.

  • After you’ve successfully installed the app, open it and select Nigeria as country.
  • Log in to your account using your phone number and smartcard/IUC number.
  • After you’ve logged in, navigate to “My Account” section to see your current subscription and expiry date.

Checking DSTV Subscription via SMS

Maybe you do not have an internet enabled device or an active subscription, the SMS method is a good alternative.

  • Go to your message box, type DUE, followed by your smartcard/IUC number and sent it to 30333. For example, DUE 3393333922 and sent to 30333.

You should get a reply immediately with your account details containing your current subscription details and the expiry date.

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Any of the methods listed above can be used to check active subscription and expiry date in Nigeria. If you run into any problem while trying to check or you have any question, do let us know in the comment section below.


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