How to vote for your Favorite Bigbrother Naija housemate 2019

The reality show, Bigbrother Naija is in its fourth season, and as usual, it gets the attention of a lot of Nigerians. Consistently watching the show endears you to a few housemates that you will always want to remain in the house. And keeping them in the house requires you to vote for them anytime they are up for eviction.

In this article, we will look at the different ways you can vote to keep your favorite housemate in the house.

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Voting for housemates via the MyDSTV or MyGOTV app

  • Log on to your MyDSTV or MyGOTV application, select Nigeria, then type in your surname or mobile number and then enter your smartcard number.
  • Next, search for “Vote Now” and follow the instruction to vote for your favorite housemate.

NOTE: this is only available to Nigerians.

Voting for housemates via SMS

This method is quite easy and straight forward. On your mobile phone, just send VOTE and your favorite housemate’s name to 32052. Voting via SMS is restricted to 100 votes per user.

Voting for housemates via the web platform

  • First, log on to Africamagic.TV/Bigbrother on either web or mobile
  • Search and click on “VOTE” and register and enter the required details
  • You will be sent an OTP which you will need to type in.
  • After that, you can begin voting for your favorite housemates.

NOTE: This method is also free of charge.

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