How to Use Eversend App to Pay Bills and Send Money


Eversend app is one of the latest additions to the Fintech world. With it, you are able to pay bills and also send money. Other features like being able to buy third party insurance are being tested and will be added to the app with time.

So how do you use the Eversend App?

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Start by downloading the app from Google Play Store or from the IOS App store.

You will be asked to enter your email, followed by your phone number and a password. Use a phone number that is valid, as Eversend will send you a text or give you a call to verify. After entering the 6-digit code that you received, you will be asked for your name and date of birth.

You will then see a success message, showing that your account has been created. After pressing the “Start using Eversend” button, you will be re-directed to the home page. In order to use your account, you must finish the verification process. Click on the red button, “Upload your identification.”

Make sure to allow Eversend to have access to your camera and SD card in order to take the photo. After taking a picture of your ID document, you then type in the details. You then take a clear photo of yourself for Eversend to check that you are the same person as pictured in your ID. Eversend assures us that all of this information is securely stored, and only used for regulatory compliance.

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How to use Eversend App to Send Money

Open the Eversend App, you will be asked to enter your PIN. This will lead you to your home page. Click the + sign to add money to your wallet. You will then be required to choose the method you would like to use to add money. It could be through mobile money or debit/credit card.

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After selecting the method of payment, enter the amount of money you would like to add then click add money. For mobile money, a prompt will be sent where you will input your mobile money PIN to authorize the transaction.

To send money, go to the send feature where you will see all your contacts who ae registered on Eversend. You can also send money to yourself if you would like to withdraw your money from the app.

Money can be sent in the form of Mobile money, or Airtime, click on the option you want then enter the amount and click continue. You will then be asked to re-enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.

How to pay bills using Eversend

To pay bills, select Payments on the home page and then select the bills you would like to pay. For now, you can use eversend to buy airtime.

Click on the Airtime feature then select who you would like to buy it for. Enter the amount you would like to buy then click continue. You will then be asked to enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.

Today, payment platform options are becoming more and more popular. Each platform comes with its own advantages and fallbacks, and it’s up to you to find out which is best for you. Are you using Eversend? Tell us how it is treating you.


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