Telkom Kenya Data Bundle Prices in late 2019

I have said this before on this platform. Telkom Kenya is one of the most underrated underdogs in Kenya today. These guys offer so much value for money to their customers but no one seems to take notice. Well, except the thousands of loyal customers it is slowly amassing. Telkom Kenya data bundle packages are rather generous.

For the same amount of money, you get loads more goodies compared to Safaricom and Airtel Kenya. However, the Achilles heel of this carrier has got to be coverage. A quick scroll through Telkom Kenya’s Twitter feed will show you exactly where the issue is.

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If you happen to live in one of the few places where Telkom Kenya’s coverage is acceptable, here’s what you could be getting for your money.

WeKENData Offer

This is a Weekend only Bundle. The offer has two bundles in place: 1.5 GB for KES 70 and 3.5 GB for KES 120. Both bundles can be purchased on a Saturday or Sunday. Both packages are valid from the time of purchase till midnight, and cannot be rolled over to the following weekend.

Telkom speeds have been getting better in the last couple of weeks, especially in Nairobi where LTE is basically everywhere. This bundle will no doubt make someone’s weekend.

Daily Bundles

Telkom’s Daily bundles are by far the most generous of all the carriers we have today.

PackageTotal AllocationValidityPrice
Night 5GB 12am - 6am5GB1Ksh 39
2GB + 2GB Night + FREE WhatsApp4GB1Ksh 100
WhatsApp50MB1Ksh 5
Daily 40 40MB1 Ksh 10
500MB + 500MB Night + FREE WhatsApp1GB1Ksh 50

I find myself using the 2GB bundle a lot lately. The additional 2GB Night Data that is active from midnight to 6 am also comes in handy when I have heavy downloads that I need done overnight.

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Monthly Bundles

Take a look at these offers and show me a better deal in the country.

PackageTotal AllocationValidityPrice
1 GB + FREE WhatsApp1GB30Ksh 249
4GB + FREE WhatsApp4GB30Ksh 499
10GB + FREE WhatsApp10GB30Ksh 999
25GB + FREE WhatsApp25GB30Ksh 1999
40GB + FREE WhatsApp40GB30Ksh 2999
3GB + 100 Min + 7 Free Night Data3GB30Ksh 499
8GB + 300 Min + Free Night Data7GB30Ksh 999
17GB + 600 Min + Free Night Data17GB30Ksh 1999
30GB @ 10001GB Per Day30Ksh 1000


Telkom Kenya also offers users tones of bonuses whenever they top up airtime using M-PESA. It was a pleasant surprise when I ran out of bundles (because I was being extravagant obviously), and went to check my balance, only to note that I have over an hour of accrued free talk time, hundreds in bonus airtime, all with expiry dates months away.

Competition is a healthy habit because in the end, the customer benefits. We can only hope to see even better deals from more telecoms in the future.


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