MTN Uganda launches Data Bundles that don’t expire

Whoever said that the grass is greener on the side surely hadn’t heard of MTN Uganda. Two months since Safaricom Kenya launched data bundles that never expire, MTN Uganda has now also followed suit. The grass is yellow on this side of the border. Sikyo?

The days of that expiration date sneaking up on you might soon be a thing of the past. I for one can’t say how much data I have lost because I lost track of when I loaded it and bam! It’s gone. I have lost the small MBs, the GBs in monthly bundles and I will tell you this for free, it’s annoying.

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Keeping in line with the current trend for hashtags, it’s #MTNFreedom now. The MTN Uganda offering is still tentative for the start. And it will cost you a bit more than regular data bundles. That’s the price of freedom, after all.

Bundle No Expiry PriceTo Subscribe
6MBUGX 100 *150*7#
80MBUGX 1,000 *150*7#
1GBUGX 10,000 *150*7#

At the moment, you can only subscribe for 6MB, 80MB and 1GB at UGX 100, UGX 1,000 and UGX 10,000 respectively. That doesn’t sound like much at face value. But don’t forget that you can use these bundles until kingdom come. Amen.

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No expiry vs Expiry bundles

Daily bundles in the region of 6~80MB cost roughly the same as the No expiry bundles. 1GB daily bundle costs UGX 5,000 though. That’s half what it would cost with no expiry. However, there’s a stark contrast with the weekly, monthly and quarterly data bundles which are much more expensive.

Secondly, No expiring bundles are too few (only three) and rather expensive when compared to the rest. I don’t know who would, in their right mind, choose to top up 6MB. But who are we to judge anyway. MTN has hinted that this is only the beginning and the bundles will be more competitive and more attractive real soon. Let’s wait and see.

And as we very well know, there are two bulls in this Kraal fighting a turf war. Airtel Uganda, over to you.

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Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash


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