Africell Uganda shakes tables again with Crazy 4G bundles, but there is a catch

Africell Crazy 4G bundles

Africell Uganda became the first telecom company to launch 4G dedicated internet bundles in Uganda. The affordable 4G internet bundles from Africell have been dubbed Crazy 4G bundles.

Africell embarked on a mission to expand its network infrastructure to more corners of the country. This was to improve the bad network experience which limited the popularity of their succulent offers. Also, the rise of cheap 4G smartphones has increased customer expectations.

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If you have been using Africell Uganda recently, it is evident that the network has seen a significant boost in speeds major towns and surrounding areas. This followed a successful conclusion of Phase 1 network upgrade. We could expect more upgrades after the telecom acquired $100 million to rejuvenate business in Uganda.

Hello, Crazy 4G bundles

Network upgrade + availability of affordable 4G devices = need for 4G specific bundles? At least that’s how Africell wants to believe. They have introduced new dedicated 4G Offers to better meet the fast lane life of many internet users in Uganda. The new bundles are part of the Crazy 4G campaign which is aimed at positioning the telecom as a superior 4G internet provider.

Crazy 4G is a first again in Uganda; we are the first and so far only brand with this prestigious offer. It says something about our muscle in the field of data quality. You will now enjoy your 4G device with full throttle speeds uploading and downloading in no time.

Edgar Karamagi, Africell Uganda Public Relations Officer.

Like many Africell Uganda offers, Crazy 4G bundles come at a competitive price, beating the prices of Africell’s already cheap normal bundles. This makes Crazy 4G bundles the cheapest bundles one can buy right now. They have been categorized into daily, weekly and monthly bundles to cover all consumption rates.

Crazy 4G bundles are all good, but……

Even with the expansion, the Africell Uganda 4G service like all other telecom companies in Uganda is still available in a few areas on the country. For those staying in Kampala, Mbale, Jinja, Mbarara, Arua, Masaka, Wakiso, Entebbe and neighboring places to these towns, its time to get more out your super fast 4G enabled devices.

However, for one to fully enjoy the Crazy 4G Bundles, they ought to have 4G Device or 4G Smartphone, locked to 4G connectivity. When you buy a Crazy 4G bundle, you need to connect to 4G network to browse. When network connection is on on 3G or 2G, the 4G bundle will not work.

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This means that your location really matters. Its obvious that people living in far flung areas where Africell’s 4G network is scanty have little to be excited about the new Crazy 4G bundles. However other data bundles will work.

Crazy 4G are targeted for people who own 4G smartphones and 4G devices. These, plus the new Friday offering coupled with a sea of Africell’s affordable bundles all build up to the #DontBeCheated slogan the company lives for.

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How to buy Crazy 4G bundles

  • USSD code (*133*2#)
  • Africell shops country wide


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