MTN Uganda now has the cheapest (and fastest) 4G LTE MiFi in the market

mtn uganda 4g lte mifi

Mobile internet speeds should get faster, not slower. That’s because we are watching more cat videos on Youtube, uploading instagram photos and catching up with our friends on Facebook than merely sending emails.

So MTN Uganda has some good reasons to upgrade their mobile data network from 3G to 4G LTE which is the fastest mobile data standard right now. The mobile network boasts of having 75 4G LTE sites across the country making it the network with the widest 4G LTE network coverage among its competitors.

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But having the widest and fastest 4G LTE network as we proved in this video is completely useless if there aren’t 4G devices to suck the juice out of the network. MTN has thought about that too. The company has partnered with device and mobile equipment vendor, Huawei to sell low-cost 4G LTE MiFis to its customers.

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The Huawei E5573 Mobile WiFi is one the 4G LTE internet devices that MTN wants you to buy in order to enjoy its fast 4G network. This pocket-size device is sleek, light in weight. The MiFi boosts mobile speeds of upto 150Mbps which is true 4G LTE. The Huawei E5573 is a “plug and play” MiFi meaning even grand ma can get connected to the internet without needing your help.

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Price: MTN 4G MiFi vs the rest

The Huawei E5573 MiFi is currently retailing for the price of Ugx 125,000 at MTN Uganda retail shops across the country. Compare that to Vodafone Uganda 4G LTE MiFi which is priced at Ugx 149,000 or Smile Uganda’s 4G LTE MiFi 2 which is currently priced at Ugx 250,000. Africell’s cheapest 4G MiFi is currently priced at Ugx  235,000. This MTN MiFi certainly takes the price crown.

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Now lets see how the MTN 4G MiFi stacks up against Africell, Vodafone and Smile Uganda 4G LTE MiFis.

Smile vs Vodafone vs MTN Uganda 4G LTE MiFi price and feature comparison
MTN VodafoneAfricellSmile
Model/NameHuawei E5573s-3204G LTE Mi-Fi Huawei E5377 Smile MiFi
Backward compatible to 3/2Gyesyesyesno
No. of Users supported10151010
USB tetheringyesyesyesyes
Battery (in hrs)6 hrs8 hrs1500mAh (up to 6 hrs)10 hrs
Startup data 10GB5GB1.5GB5GB
Coverage75 sitesKla, EntKla, EntKla, Ent, Muk
Price Ugx 125,000Ugx 149,000Ugx 235,000Ugx 240,000


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