Watch insanely fast MTN Uganda 4G LTE Speed tests in this Video


Yesterday MTN Uganda officially launched the widest 4G LTE network in Uganda. The largest telecom in the country hosts 75 4G LTE sites around the country with districts like Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, Gulu, Masaka, Mbale among others.

Dignited was yesterday hosted to a “Tech show” at MTN Towers in Kampala where we had first impressions with the new networks speeds.

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We used a Huawei Honor 4G LTE smartphone, a Huawei 4G LTE Mifi tethered to a windows PC and to carry out the speed tests. We had close to 100Mbps with the smartphone, but we broke past the 100Mbps mark when we USB tethered the 4G LTE MiFi to a windows PC.

Speed tests results using 4G LTE Huawei Honor smartphone.

mtn uganda 4G LTE speed test results

Compared to speed tests that we did on Orange (Now Africell) 2 years ago, MTN internet speeds seem to double what we got with Orange internet. Bambino in the video below was able to hit 49Mbps download and 18Mbps up with Orange’s 4G LTE while we were able to go as far as 100Mbps with MTN’s 4G LTE.

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Feature Image: MTN Uganda facebook page


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7 thoughts on “Watch insanely fast MTN Uganda 4G LTE Speed tests in this Video

  1. i think it could be better for an independent company or party to make the speed test….

  2. speeds are impressive, I would like to know how the speeds test when you are connecting to a server outside of africa

    • First and foremost that’s a March article and this is July in which time, a lot can change but according to you a news article by Chimpreports without a link to the said report for confirmation is conclusive of the fact that SMILE 4G is the fastest while an actual Video by Dignited testing the speeds here in Uganda is “Promo” FYI the app we used to test the speeds is powered by the same people who produced the report you are quoting. Even though you are entitled to your opinion, get your facts straight before you question our credibility

  3. MTN does not have the largest 4G network, probably if they base their argument on the number of sites at 75 compared to Smile’s 61 sites.

    Smile is on an 800Mhz spectrum while MTN is on a 2600Mhz. The 800Mhz covers a radius of 3km in congested or hilly areas and between 11-14Kms in flat terrain. Well as, the 2600Mhz covers a radius of 1.5Kms only.

    If you do the Math, Smile has a larger coverage.
    MTN should say it has the most spread out 4G coverage, but not the largest.

    Not all of Kampala is covered even!!

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