Africell Vs Airtel: Who is the king of Fridays?

freaky Friday bundles Airtel Vs Africell

The battle for internet bundle supremacy become an arms race between top providers. Everyone is trying to separate themselves from the pack and lure as many customers to their keeps by offering the juiciest bundle.

Africell under the #DontBeCheated slogan has been countering almost any offer presented by other providers with a more succulent but rather cheaper offering. Why? The telecoms industry in Uganda has been an insurmountable mountain to climb for Africell.

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So how do you try to level the ground against the leading providers who have already cemented themselves at the top of the food chain for years? Africell is buoyed by its cheaper and heavier bundles that win over a price conscious customer base.

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Africell brings competition to Freaky Friday bundles

Airtel Uganda introduced its Freaky Friday bundles in late 2018, letting MTN Uganda and Africell tussle it out for a spot on Wednesday. Airtel Uganda has enjoyed Friday success for a while without encroachment, until recently.

Africell has moved to counter (as usual) Airtel Uganda’s Friday offering with a cheaper, more appealing offer than what the Smartphone network is giving its customers.

Africell introduces the cheapest Friday offering to turn freaky to freakier

The news was received positively as many people want to have as much internet as they can over the weekend. Twitter was flooded with tweets hailing the “King of the bundles” and many loyal customers thanking the telecoms for the new offer.

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What is the best Friday bundle for you?

And now to the grand question. What is the best Friday bundle for you? Airtel’s Freaky Friday bundle? or Africell’s new Friday bundle?

Well, when it comes to shear size of the bundle and the fact it commands a slightly lower price, Africell’s Friday bundle looks like the definite winner. However, size alone may not be the only factor you have to consider before you choose.


Airtel Uganda has countrywide 3G network whereas Africell has many blind spots in the country. Consequently, you can utilize Airtel Freaky Friday bundles from any part of the country. However, Africell’s 3G and 4G networks are mostly concentrated in towns. This means that you get a bigger bundle at a cheaper price, but you are limited to where you can use it.

Dual SIM phone?

Not many people have Africell as their major SIM card for making and receiving calls. Most of the people I have talked to use it as a second SIM, others keep it to take advantage of the huge offers it splashes out.

It would get tedious switching between lines when you want data connection or making calls. However, if you have a dual SIM phone, you could use both SIM cards and select one for data and the other for making calls.

Verdict: Africell has an undeniable offer that will give Airtel a run for their money in areas where Africell’s network is strong. However, Airtel will still have a leading hand with its Freaky Friday bundles given its more stable countrywide network coverage and huge customer base.


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