Power all your devices at once with this 4-port USB Power extension for UGX 60,000

Your Smartphones, TV, Decoder, Tablet all need to be powered up probably at all times. But powering each of these means investing separately in a different power source. USB Chargers for your Smartphones, Power extension for your TV and probably some are connected directly to the wall socket. This creates a whole mess around your house or office.

What if you had a power extension to rule them all? Odukar Store, a newly launched online electronics outpost might just have what you are looking for.

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Their Bokali Power extension comes with 4 USB ports enough to charge all your mobile devices. The ports output upto 3.1A current which provides fast charging to devices that support it.

For your appliances, the extension has 3 universal power ports. With these you can power your TV, Laptop and anything else that uses A.C power. The extension is fused meaning your appliances are protected in the event of a power surge.

Bokali USB Power Features;
– 3 universal power ports
– 4 USB port double panel with smart recognition
– Input: 100V-250V
– Output: 10A 2000W-2500W
– USB Output: 3A
– PC flame retardant material

The extension is available for Kampala residents at Ugx 60,000 discounted from Ugx 65, 000. Odukar delivers next day with Ugx 5,000 for delivery. If you live outside of Kampala, you can order the same product at their Jumia Store for Ugx 65,000.

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