Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumours: Release Date, Features and Specs

We earlier wrote about 7 things to expect in the Samsung Galaxy S5 where we mentioned a possible 64 bit Exynos processor, a metallic body, a 13 megapixel camera, flexible or round display, fingerprint sensor and lastly better battery with wireless charging capabilities among others. Fresh from the rumor mill is its possible release date and a host of features that the Korean Tech giant hopes will seal once and for all who is smartphone king.
Release Date
International Business Times confirmed that in an interview with Samsung executive Vice president  that the expected release date is April 2014. Other sources speak of an earlier announcement at the Mobile World Congress followed by an “Unpacking Event” in London.
Eye Scanner rather than finger print Sensor
In trying to outdo Apple, its chief rival, Samsung has been toying with the idea of an eye scanner to enhance its security rather than an fingerprint sensor. Many haven’t seen this except in movies and are probably skeptical. On whether they will actually include it is something we cannot confirm but time will tell.
Metallic Unibody and also a cheaper polycarbonate plastic version
Best known for making a phone for everyone, the highly anticipated metallic unibody made of stainless steel is finally coming to Samsung according to Business Insider but considering that it may have a hefty price tag, Samsung plans to make a plastic polycarbonate version of the same at a lower price tag more like the iPhone 5c.
Head tracking and Gesture Control
Imagine operating your device with simple nods and winks… Yes Samsung has been working on this technology and intends to release it in the S5. Samsung is popular for its advanced gesture controls like the Air gesture in its S4 and Note versions.
64 bit Processor and 4GB RAM
Many of the latest and high end samsung devices packed 2-3GB of RAM which is a huge benefit to the users but this time round we anticipate 4GB of RAM and the rumoured 64bit Exynos processor as reported by the Business Insider. This promises better all round performance but would mostly benefit gamer.
Revamped UI
Probably one of the most exciting things for me is news of Samsung’s update to Touchwiz — its very popular User Interface that simplifies the use of Android. Samsung VP is quoted saying that they intend to go back to the basics with the S5.
New Galaxy Gear
With little excitement about the new gear, Samsung promises slimmer gear with better battery and features. Lets wait and see if the new gear will get better acceptance and adoption.

What do you think of these features? are these features you would like in a phone? Let us know in the comment.
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