ntel Data Plans and Prices in Nigeria

ntel data plans and prices in Nigeria

ntel is a telecommunications company that provides Nigerians with 4G LTE advanced network. They provide call-connect times, crystal-clear voice-over LTE, and internet access. The ntel network covers three major cities in Nigeria — Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

Explore this list of ntel original and third-party outlets to purchase their devices, recharge your data, or find out more information.

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This post takes a stroll through all you need to know about ntel data plans and prices, products, and more.

ntel data plans and prices in Nigeria

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ntel Data Plans and Prices in Nigeria

Capped Data Plans

These plans are capped at the displayed prices and are tailored to suit specific needs.

NTEL DATA 1GBN5001GB30 days
NTEL DATA 2GBN1,0002GB30 days
NTEL DATA 4.5GBN2,0003GB30 days
4K DATA PLANN4,00010GB30 days
8K DATA PLANN8,00024GB30 days

Unlimited Plans

These plans give you the liberty to keep browsing until you can stop. ntel has different unlimited data plans differentiated by duration. (From Midnight 12 am to 7 am Daily).

UNLIMITED DAILYN1,500Unlimited2 days
UNLIMITED WEEKLYN5,200Unlimited7 days
UNLIMITED FAMILYN18,500Unlimited30 days
NIGHT PLANSN10,000Unlimited30 days
UNLIMITED 90N51,000Unlimited90 days
UNLIMITED 180N100,000Unlimited180 days
UNLIMITED 365N195,000Unlimited365 days
UNLIMITED PLUSN25,000Unlimited
30 days
UNLIMITED XTRAN40,000Unlimited
30 days
30 days

Device Data Bundles

This is relevant if you have multiple devices and opt to buy one of ntel’s mifi or routers.

Huawei mifiN26,00012GB30 days
Huawei mifiN28,00028GB30 days
Huawei mifiN31,000Unlimited30 days
Notion mifiN27,000Unlimited30 days
ntel TC X5 routerN43,000Unlimited30 days
ntel HL 560 routerN43,000Unlimited30 days

Handset Bundles

These bundles come with other extra plans like on-net, off-net calls, and SMS.

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MINI BUNDLE N1,0001GB100251030 days
CLASSIC BUNDLEN4,0004GB4001002530 days
MAX BUNDLEN10,00016GB5002005030 days

There you have it; a full list of ntel data plans and prices in Nigeria. Let us know which plans are your favorite.


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