NITA-U launches the national Computer Emergency Response Team/co-ordination center

As a way of setting up a National coordinated approach for handling Information Security incidents, a National Computer Emergency Response Team / Coordination Centre (National CERT/CC) responsible for receiving, reviewing, and responding to computer security incident reports and activity for both the public and private sector has been created.

The National CERT/CC is responsible for protecting the nation’s internet infrastructure, as well as coordinating responses to and defence against cyber-attacks across the nation.

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The National Information Technology Authority, Uganda is taking lead in the technical work of the National CERT/CC and advising the sector on new ways of addressing cyber security threats. The National CERT/CC will play an intermediary role with a national focus and hence shall be the security point of contact for Uganda.

Having a National CERT/CC in place will ensure that there is a dedicated IT security team to mitigate and prevent major incidents and to protect valuable assets as well as keeping track of developments in the security field.

The official website for the National Computer Emergency Response Team/Coordination Centre (National CERT/CC) is and the following services are being offered;-Alerts and Warnings, Incident Handling, Incident analysis, Incident response support, Incident response coordination and Vulnerability response coordination among others

For more information about the National CERT/CC, visit the website , you can also follow them on Twitter  @CERT_UG and like them on Facebook


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