You can now use your mobile phone number to sign in to linkedIn


Effective on March 26, 2014, you will be enable to sign in to Linkedin with just your mobile phone number.

According to the Linkedin blog, the battle for the mobile audience is just getting started with the updates made to the TOS

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As LinkedIn expands our services globally, we recognize that the mobile phone has become a ubiquitous communications tool. We’ve updated Section 1.2 to include the forthcoming option to use your mobile number to sign in to LinkedIn.

Of course, Linkedin may be late to the mobile sphere which is being ruled majorly by Google, Facebook, Twitter among others but it is now at a more suitable point to battle for a piece of the pie in the mobile sphere. The mobile audience’s meteoric rise puts it in the spotlight as a point of concentration especially when developing digital products.

With the acquisition of content aggregator, Pulse and presentation solutions, Slideshare, Linkedin has merged them to enhance a coherent and better user experience. Notably, the Terms of Service agreements for SlideShare and Pulse, will be tied directly into the social enterprise services general User Agreement and Privacy Policy (TOS). LinkedIn will also made other changes to its general Terms of Service agreement.

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