Online Shopping: Goods Express now shipping to Uganda, Lets you conveniently shop across the world

Recently, Goods Express a global eCommerce site started it’s operations in Uganda. The web based platform enables Ugandans shop from around the world and have their products shipped straight to them in Uganda. So if you were admiring lot’s of products online but couldn’t get them, according to Goods Express your problem will be no more.

Goods Express is currently operational in 44 countries globally with 6 of those in Africa. The African countries include Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya and Uganda.

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Imagine the whole world as your shopping mall. And you could walk through all the different aisles in different countries with hundreds of thousands of products. The only difference is that you wouldn’t be actually traveling the world while shopping. You would be doing it at the comfort of your home on your laptop or smartphone. Better still, you get to find whatever product you want at the lowest possible price from dealers around the world. It’s all exciting isn’t it? Well, this is what Goods Express is promising you.

We do all the hard work to bring you what’s available from top retailers around the corner — or around the world. So you can skip the hassle of searching multiple sites to compare prices and shipping rates, and simply visit Goods Express to find all of their offerings in one place.

They take the hustle out of shopping by helping you get a wide selection of quality merchandise from the best stores around the world at the best prices. They also offer convenient payment methods and shipping to many countries around the world. In Uganda they have pick up kiosks where you can get your stuff shipped to if you so wish.

We look forward to shipping some products and experiencing Goods Express so we can give you a more comprehensive review of their services. As we work on that, here is how Goods Express works.

How it Works

You can find what you want, browsing items by category or searching by keyword. You can further  filter the list of results by category, brand, price, etc. until you find what you want.

When you select the product you want, you can view it’s details such as images, description, reviews, ordering options and more. If you have questions about a product, you may either ask them or find answers on the Questions & Answers section of the product.

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After choosing which price, shipping cost and delivery time options best meet your needs, you can then add to your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout and enter your payment and shipping information. You can have your items sent directly to an address or to one of our secure pick up kiosks.

Goods Express keeps you updated on your order status throughout the process, confirming when your order has been placed, processed, shipped and delivered. Your delivery will either arrive at your shipping address or will be ready for pick-up at the location you specified.


GoodsExpress Pick up point at the Village Mall Bugolobi

Goods Express presents huge opportunities for eCommerce

Goods Express is an awesome idea and if it works well, It could solve a huge problem for both consumers in Africa and manufacturers across the world. Many people Africa can afford to buy or consume lot’s of goods and services online but were limited by payment systems and the expensive shipping options. The possibility of Goods Express partnering with global manufacturers and stores to deliver goods affordably across the world (mostly Africa) is exciting and presents a huge opportunity to change eCommerce terrain in Africa.


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5 thoughts on “Online Shopping: Goods Express now shipping to Uganda, Lets you conveniently shop across the world

  1. it looks good on paper but has been so frustrating. i bought a phone from the uk paid extra for fast service and after caliing twice to inquire why the delivery date has passed without recieving my item they stopped picking my calls. probably the most painful scam or waste of time. waiting three weeks for absolutely nothing and down 55 pounds, if youre planning to use their service beware.

    • What you are saying sounds impossible. Could you kindly provide us with your order number? We also don’t accept pounds for items shipped to Uganda so I am not sure how this is even remotely possible. Is it possible that you are confusing with another company?

      • My apologies I forgot to delete or modify this comment. However yes I did try to use goods express yes my money was taken but currently waiting for a refund and what I realised was the fundamental flaw is communication although the process there was little information given my order was accepted even though you clearly don’t take pounds and one of the girls that kept picking up the phone seems to be too unqualified. It’s not until I spoke to another more helpful girl that was able to resolve everything. I still think it’s a great imitative and you should extend services to the UK .

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