inDriver Launch in Nigeria brings price haggling to the ride hailing scene


In Nigeria, good old price bargaining was the norm before ride hailing became a thing. As a commuter, you have to miss the old culture of negotiating fares when it comes to booking rides. The absence of being able to use phrases like ‘can I pay’, “this is how much I have’ or in the local dialect, ‘se ko gba’ is something we all miss in the ride hailing world. But wait, you can only miss something that is not there. That’s right, you can now negotiate the price of your fare with inDriver – a ride hailing platform that offers another dynamics to booking rides in the modern world.

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The ride hailing company is currently in operation in Lagos only for now where you have Bolt, Uber, Oga Taxi and several others. However, to book a ride, you just have to enter your current location and destination as well as the price you’re willing to pay. This will be seen by drivers close to you, who can then decide to confirm your order or offer a counterbid. You see, good old haggling! After agreeing on a price, the driver comes to pick you up and then you can pay in cash or bank transfer as there is no in-app payment.

From a user perspective, inDriver gives more power in terms of being able to suggest a price and negotiate fares instead of just paying a certain specified fee. Also, drivers will be able to suggest a more suitable fee depending on traffic and other factors that might be in play at the time which makes it a win-win for both parties.

inDriver is among the top 10 ride hailing apps by download and launched operation in Africa last year and currently present in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria.


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