DStv Uganda slashes bouquet prices effective 1st September 2019

DStv Uganda subscribers have a reason to smile after a long wait. Starting 1st September 2019, DStv Uganda bouquet prices will be more affordable across the board. These price drops will affect Dstv Premium, DStv Compact Plus, DStv Compact and DStv Family subscribers. The prices for DStv Access will remain the same at UGX 33,000 for the second year running.

What you ought to know is that these price drops have been an annual affair for as far back as 2015. However, DStv broke with tradition in 2018 though by not announcing any price drops. Secondly, the launch date this year has changed from the customary 1st of November annually to 1st September.

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Nevertheless, better late than never, as they say. Besides, DStv has made up for lost time in a big sort of way. Where before the price drops were in single digits (nothing above 10%), subscribers now have a better deal. Let’s break it down for you:

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DStv Uganda bouquet prices over the years

Bouquet/PackageNew Prices
1st Sept. 2019
1st Nov. 20171st Nov. 20161st Nov. 2015
DStv PremiumUGX 219,000
UGX 280,000UGX 287,250UGX 334,000
DStv Compact PlusUGX 129,000UGX 180,000UGX 190,700 UGX 224,000
DStv Compact UGX 79,000UGX 115,000UGX 121,600UGX 128,000
DStv FamilyUGX 49,000UGX 60,000UGX 66,750UGX 73,000
DStv AccessUGX 33,000UGX 33,000UGX 38,000UGX 38,000

Most attractive bouquets/packages

At face value, the biggest gainers are the subscribers of DStv Premium with a UGX 61,000 price drop. Next in line is Compact Plus with UGX 51,000 and Compact with a UGX 36,000 price drop. DStv family brings the tail at a modest price drop of UGX 11,000.

Yet, if look at this DStv Price slash using percentages only, a new picture emerges. The most attractive package would most certainly be DStv Compact. From the original price of UGX 115,000, you can now get it for only UGX 79,000. That’s a whopping 31.3% price drop. Only Dstv Compact Plus comes close with a 28.3% price drop (from UGX 180,000 down to UGX 129,000).

Photo by Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

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