5 things you should be paying for using mobile money

using mobile money

Mobile money has revolutionized traditional cash transfers and how we pay for certain things. While it might not be possible to pay for everything at the moment, some payments should always be made with mobile money. This is because of the numerous advantages it brings. So, these are 5 things you should be paying for using mobile money.

  1. Airtime

No more scratching and waiting in line for airtime cards. You should already be paying for your airtime purchases using mobile money. Maybe, UCC was right to ban airtime scratch cards in the first place? However, even with the ban lifted, market forces of demand and supply have almost phased out airtime scratch cards. If you have played Temple Run (of course you have), finding a scratch card is the equivalent of finding the green gem. Rare!

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  1. Utilities

I don’t remember the last time I stood in the long queues waiting to make payments for utilities like water and electricity. You shouldn’t either. It’s very possible to pay utility bills using your preferred mobile money service. Dialing *185# is a lot easier than waiting in long queues at service centers. No one likes to move out in night trying to pay for Yaka. Right?

  1. School fees.

Yes. Every parent’s duty. The traditional way of paying school fees in the bank takes a lot of time. You don’t have to put a stop to your other duties to make trips to the bank to pay school fees. Mobile money is safer than travelling to school with fees in hand. You should definitely pay your child’s school fees using mobile money so that you spend more time working, and less time making fees payment.

  1. Pay TV.

After the digital migration, many people switched to pay TV services like Startimes, DSTV, GoTV, Kwese and others. However, these require making a payment, of course. With mobile money, you can pay for your TV subscription without travelling to the service center. You should be paying for TV in the comfort of your couch using mobile money.

  1. Online shopping.

Online shopping can help you get what you want but may not necessarily be available. So how can Mobile Money help you out? Well, MTN introduced the MoMo card which can help you shop online from sites like Amazon using your Mobile Money. I think this is more secure because the card expires after a week. Consequently, your cash remains safe in case someone accesses your card details.


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