WikiMedia Is Looking For An Executive Director

Wikimedia’s Chair, Board of Trustees Kat Walsh launched a search for a next Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation after declaration from the current Director Sue Gardner told them that she will be stepping down from her role 7

weeks ago.

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To Wikimedia the challenge is on, the foundation is a San francisco based non profit organisation that operates the famous Wikipedia a free encyclopedia.

We have all used this free encyclopedia and i know for such that none of us has been disapointed with the results we received.

According to Kat Walsh,

 “It supports a global community of tens of thousands of volunteers in collecting, developing, and making the sum of all the world’s knowledge freely available. Over half a billion people use Wikipedia and its sister projects every month. We are the fifth most popular website in the world, and the only donor-supported site in the top 100. We’re widely recognized as the most influential and important organization in the free knowledge movement.”

What he excepts from an Executive Director is that she or he reports to the Board of Trustees and acts in partnership with the global volunteer community, providing the leadership and setting the strategy for the Wikimedia Foundation, while managing its day-to-day operations and activities.

“The Executive Director is responsible for modernizing the user experience and nurturing, growing and diversifying the community of people who write our projects. He or she also ensures our grantmaking supports innovation across the Wikimedia movement and enables contributor growth in underrepresented demographics and geographies.”

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The Executive Director is expected to understand and advance the Wikimedia movement’s core values, have proven management skills in technology and product development, improve the traffic on the website, designing and implementing planning processes with a high built-in assumption of fast and iterative change. More on the details on this position and if you want to forward a person use this [email protected].

Walsh concluded and said that

 “It’s impossible to know where our next Executive Director will come from: there is no career path that makes running the Wikimedia Foundation somebody’s obvious next step. The right person might or might not currently work at a big web site. They might or might not be in the non-profit sector. They could have a background in education, or product development, or media, or community development, or something entirely different. They may live in the United States, or outside it. In this search, we want to cast a wide net for candidates, so that we can find the person with the rare mix of skills, experiences and values needed for this important role.”

Information from Wikipedia Blogs 



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