Warid Telecom could be Partnering With Equity Bank to bring Warid Pesa ATM Cash Out

On Saturday (6/4/13) while I was withdrawing money from the Equity bank ATM in Wandegeya, I noticed an additional item on the ATM display menu; a Warid Pesa Logo.

The pictures below (taken using a phone) tell the entire story

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waridpesa ATM cashout

From the looks of it, Warid could be implementing Warid Pesa ATM cash-out in partnership with Equity Bank.  It’s not yet official but a reliable source at Warid tells me that a launch is set for this week.

There is also a possibility of limited Mobile banking in the partnership which might make it possible for one to transfer money from one’s Warid Pesa account to  their Equity account and vice-versa.

We have little information on the whole partnership and the other features on offer but we will keep you posted.


Warid Telecom has actually confirmed its partnership with Equity bank in the following tweet.

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I’ve been writing a series on “what’s next for mobile money” and ATM cash-out was one of the things I suggested that the Telecoms will be pushing for. You could refresh your memory with the that post.

Please keep your tabs on the TechPost as we’ll continue updating you with this development both in the news as it comes and subsequent analysis.


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