According to this research, Kampala, shockingly, has the fewest number of Girl geeks in Africa

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According to a research by She Leads Africa — an organisation that helps female entrepreneurs to maximally grow their startups — shows that Kampala, Uganda has the fewest number of girl geeks on the continent.

Kampala is tied in the last place with Calabar, a city in Nigeria. Lagos comes first, beating the others on the list by leaps.

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The premise of the findings is collected from the 380 female entrepreneurs that applied to participate in a business competition organised by the same organisation slated for September 19th, about 5 weeks from now.

The move to lure more girls in technology is at a record high in Kampala. With initiatives such as Google-backed WOPA and many other workshops from the local hubs, the numbers portrayed in the research are bound to change very soon. From the archives, we have analysed whether it’s the girls or the code that is the problem, well, we have shared some secret tips for the girls geeks too, from our bottomless bag of tips.

She Leads Africa has put together an infographic that gives us a look at the state of female entrepreneurship in Africa. Check it out below to find more surprising statistics.


Featured Image | Echwalu Photography blog

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3 thoughts on “According to this research, Kampala, shockingly, has the fewest number of Girl geeks in Africa

  1. I stongly disagree with this kind of statistics. This represents the number of girls who applied to their competition and that shouldn’t in any way reflect the concentration of female developers in Kampala or the other cities. Do they mean to say Kigali has more female developers than Kampala? Flawed statistics but good article.

  2. But this is so misleading women entrepreneurs and women in technology are two different people… one is a technology geek and the other is a business woman with enterprise abilities (my own understanding)

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