Kaymu Uganda The Online Shopping Mall Lets You Sell Or Buy Anything Online

Online shopping is becoming more of the “In-thing” in Uganda with lots of start ups creating online shopping platforms. Many started from using Facebook to showcase their products asking clients to inbox if they were interested in anything particular. After this, we saw more established platforms like MEKA.ug and now many more other have joined the online shopping arena.

Our latest is Kaymu (Now Jumia.ug) an online shopping platform that lets you buy or sell items online. The platform lets people list items for sell as well as buy any items you might be interested in. What it does is gets a lot of shop owners/suppliers that have physical locations and registers them as partners. The partners then list their products and merchandise that customers purchase should they be interested. It also allows ordinary users who want to sell anything to do so.

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To list items or buy something from Kaymu Uganda, one has to go through a quick registration process where your details are captured. Kaymu offers 2 major things:

1. Online Shopping
“ On Kaymu you can shop for a broad range of items from various categories and brands. Whether you are looking for a cheap and used phone or a brand new computer, a pretty dress for a gift or an affordable car for you, buying online is the best solution to find a merchant close to you to purchase from. You can also order from vendors from all over Uganda in just one click, with the simple buying option”

2. Make Money by selling stuff online
Kaymu allows you get rid of stuff you no longer want or use, or may be even make money selling stuff online. It does this by allowing you to list your items with the  option of promoting and advertising your products. It also lets you organize the shipping and agree on the payment methods

We tried to purchase a product to experience the process and we successfully completed the transaction. We are now waiting for delivery and will keep you updated. We have also contacted the Kaymu team for an interview so we can better understand the service.


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