Don’t have a data connection? Facebook for iOS now lets you create posts while offline

This is one of those features that you think to yourself “why didn’t they implement this earlier on?”. Well, ask no more. Whether it’s the load shedding akin to Africa, have a weak connection (EDGE) or that you have simply run out of data, Facebook iOS App will now let you compose that post and post it when you’ve a data link.

It’s like composing an email.  Even when there’s no data, your email client simply puts the message in the “outbox” folder waiting for a data connection at which it’ll automatically send your message.

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Here’s the full Facebook version 10.0 for iOS changelog:

  • Review what your post will look like and choose whether to remove any suggested links before sharing what you’re reading, watching or listening to.
  • Create posts even when your connection is weak or you’re in airplane mode, and they’ll be shared once your connection gets strong enough.
  • Improvements to make News Feed load faster, especially on older phones and tablets.

The update includes previewing your post before it goes up and improvements on the New feed load speed. We’re not yet sure, but hopefully the update will be rolled out to Android and Windows Phone devices too. So, if you’re on iOS, go ahead and update your Facebook app or download one here.

Image: AndroidZoom


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