So what are some of your 2013 Tech resolutions? Here’re some from our readers and the Editors

Every beginning of the year, in order to be counted as focused and orderly individuals, we like to write down a couple of resolutions. We take these firm decisions to do or not to do certain things in order to reach a desired goal. For instance, some people embark on a journey to lose weight in which case they resolve to engage in frequent exercises. Whether or not we actually do what we purpose to do when the year heats up is another topic of discussion, but for now we’re looking at those things that we hope to do.

We turned to the TechPost community to find out what some of their resolutions in as far as their digital lives are concerned were.
@beewol has an ambitious one;

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Happy 2013 to the team at @tech_post One of my #Tech #Resolutions is to figure out how to make an android battery last 2 days. Wish me luck
— Talkative Rocker (@beewol) January 1, 2013

We like what our smartphones can do. But also the most frustrating thing about these devices irrespective of which one you own is their short-lived battery lives with the best in the market promising only approximately half a day(10 hours). The TechPost will write on how you can make the best of your device’s battery lifespan.

While @beewol wishes to make the most of his droid’s battery, Alex wants to go paperless and make his life a lot more convenient with the help of a tablet;

@tech_post 2013 Tech Resolutions? Purchase a Tab. I’ve become too advanced to be carrying around a knacksack containing paper & the like.
— Alex Twinokwesiga (@MR_TWINO) January 1, 2013

Peter on the other hand seems to be an early adopter and wants to test the new Windows 8 operating system that received negative reviews from Tech experts last year. On top of that he also wants to get legit with authentic software.

@tech_post thanks! Get that lumia, run on Win 8, and run on LESS pirated software! Happy 2013 too!
— Muhanguzi Peter (@petross31) January 1, 2013

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Elijah a business developer at Google Uganda wants to “dent graduate unemployment through social entrepreneurship”.

@tech_post I’m not big on resolutions. 2013: I want to dent graduate unemployment through social entrepreneurship.
— Elijah Kitaka (@ElijahKitaka) January 1, 2013

We won’t be able to get all your responses on this post, but the conversation can continue on twitter or in the comments. In the meantime, the editors at the TechPost recommend the following as some of the Tech resolutions you could pursue this year.

Digitize all your photos
If you’re like me, you probably have an old school album of photos of family and friends somewhere in closet of your living room. Photos capture certain precious moments in time that are simply priceless. In the era of “sharing” and backing up media on digital storage systems, you might have to scan your photos and store them on the home laptop/Desktop or online — making them easily sharable and long lasting.

Edit your LinkedIn profile
Linkedin isn’t just another social network on the internet. No. It’s also your professional outlook to the world. When someone Googles up your name, your LinkedIn profile will be the first one the search query. Your prospective employers, business associates will land on your LinkedIn profile first (if you have one) in case they do a background search on you — and it’s in your best interest that they like what they find there. So go ahead and get people on your network to endorse your skills, add your CV, update your skills.

Use only genuine phones
Most of us now own at least two phones. Usually one of them is your high-end smartphone and the second one is a cheaper and in most cases counterfeit phone. Now this year, the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) is getting a lot more serious on counterfeit phones and has set 1st July 2013 as the date for disconnecting all counterfeit phones on all networks.

@rocktravis1 @oquidave @tech_post The campaign against counterfeit phones has begun. Visit call 0800133911
— UCC (@UCCUg) January 1, 2013

Visit this application to find out the state of your phone or simply Type the IMEI (or serial number) of your phone and send it as an SMS to 8883.

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Go paperless
Am not making a plea for you to save the planet (although that incidentally could be the result), but i know for sure that your life will be a lot simpler without a clutter of paper on your office desk or living room at home. Electronic documents are easy to share, organize and search. They will also save you alot of physical space in your working environment.

If you’re a business owner, scan those invoices or use electronic invoices and if your are student, scan your academic credentials.
As you embark on this treacherous journey of trying to keep your resolutions, we wish you a Happy new year 2013.


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