Mobile Banking in Uganda: 10 Banking Apps that will save you long queues in the Bank


We have updated this article to include all Ugandan Banks that have Android Apps. If you are looking for mobile banking via USSD Apps continue reading below but if you are looking for Android Apps for your Ugandan banks read this article >>  Mobile Banking Apps in Uganda: A list of all Banks with mobile apps

A couple of years ago, if you wanted to transact with the bank, you had to physically go there. Certain types of transactions were difficult or not even possible but with the growth of technology, many things are now possible and as technology continues to evolve, a lot is going to change. Today, you don’t have to carry cash anymore as a simple piece of plastic could help you access your money from almost anywhere in the world.

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Back then, we used to pay bills manually by going to your service provider and lining up but now at the click of  a button or from the convenience of my home, I can pay all my bills whether it’s rent, electricity water or cable –  its all possible.

Sending money was another difficult task let alone sending it in bulk. I remember how my parents used to send me money at school using the post office EMS service because the Post Office had offices around the whole country. They would put money in an envelope and address it to me. They would then let me know and I would walk almost 10 km to the post office, present my ID and then access the money. There are now so many options from Bank to Bank transfers, Mobile Money and many other cardless options.

The biggest hurdle was having to be present at a bank in order to transact. Banks began develop the Mobile Service that first was internet enabled meaning you could only access your account details and information online. Later it became possible to do transfers, pay bills, purchase goods and services or even shop online.

Mobile Banking in Uganda has come a long way. Bank of Uganda lists 24 licensed banks  in Uganda and of those we list for you 10 banks that offer Mobile/Internet banking that could make your life a little simpler.

1. Centenary

Centenary-Bank Centenary Bank has its Cente Mobile Product which is USSD based. With it, you can do Balance inquiries, access a Mini Statement, transfer funds(within Centenary Bank), Airtime purchase, Do bill payments (Water, Electricity, Pay TV etc) USSD short code: *211#


dfcu There wasn’t enough information about the the “DFCU Mobile” App but we know its both USSD based and also has a Mobile  App. You can also access it online. Other than that, it offers pretty much the same but adds the eTax feature meaning you can pay your taxes using the app. balance inquiry, mini statement, funds transfer(within DFCU), Airtime purchase and bill payments.

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3. Stanbic

Stanbic-Bank Stanbic Bank’s “Mobile Banking”   lets you access your account balance, mini-statement (last 5 transactions), fund transfers within the bank, send money to friends or family members (beneficiary payments) – though we don’t know how this works. You can also pay bills and request for a new cheque book (online).

4. Bank of Africa

Bank of Africa has just launched its “Mobile Wallet” Service. The service lets you check account balance, View last 5 transactions, Request for statement, Request for a Cheque book, Block ATM card, Send Money from your Mobile Wallet account to a BANK OF AFRICA account, Send money from your Mobile Wallet account to an account in another bank, Send money from your Mobile Wallet account to any  mobile number on any network, Withdraw money from the ATM without a card, Send TT (Send money/payments to anywhere in the world), Pay bills ( Umeme, Water, DSTV, Star Times, School Fees etc.), Buy airtime (All networks)   USSD Short Code *246#

5. KCB

KCB has the KCB Mobi Bank but we weren’t able to get any information on the service and the benefits its offers.

6. UBA

UBA offers U-Direct their Mobile Banking Service. With U-Direct, you can complete the most frequent transactions that occur in the banking hall, including: Checking account balance, requesting account statements, Bill payments, Sending money to other accounts within UBA and in other banks, Send Money to Anyone with an Acceptable I.D & close to any UBA Business Office and lastly loading funds on Your UBA Prepaid Card.

7. Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered offers its Mobile Banking Service. With it, you can do balance enquiries, Mini-statement requests for the last 3 transactions, Buy airtime across all mobile networks, Bill pay payments (UMEME, NW&SC and DSTV), Forex rates, Funds transfer to nominated accounts, Full statement requests, Cheque book requests and Pin changes.

8. Housing Finance

housing finance
Housing Finance took a different route by outsourcing its Mobile banking to MCash who deal in payment solutions. the platform lets you pay utility bills, buy airtime, transfer money from one account to another, pay your staff salaries, pay school fees among others.

9. Barclays Bank

Barclays doesn’t offer Mobile banking but lets you control your account online with their Internet Banking. It enables you to View, download and print your bank account statements, Carry out funds transfers between your Barclays accounts, Link your accounts, Carry out foreign exchange transactions, Query foreign exchange and interest rates, Send and receive email to and from Barclays.

10. Crane Bank

crane bank
Crane Bank calls its product “E Banking” and with it, you can; do balance enquiries, request and download mini statement & Interim Statements of up to 6 months. check out latest exchange rates at your desktop, request a cheque book, New FD Request and Renewal FD Request, Self-account funds transfer within Crane Bank across Uganda, Third party transfers within Crane bank, Transfer from USD account to Shilling account (Within Crane bank accounts & third party fund transfer within Crane bank accounts), Payment of Umeme Bills & National Water and Sewerage Corporation Bills, Payment of Mobile & Telephone Bills (Airtel, MTN & Uganda Telecom), Payment of School fees (Kampala Parent School, Kampala International School, Jack & Jill Nursery School) and Forex Transactions.

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The bank is now in your pocket as long as you have a phone — even a feature phone. Dignited hasn’t got a chance to review any of these Apps in-depth, the information presented here is solely based on research from various sources. If you have any experience with any of the above services (or any we’ve not listed), please let us know.

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  1. This is good news for me, am too used to mobile banking I can take a whole year without going to my bank. From paying bills, setting up automatic payments,transferring funds, sending money, online shopping to depositing cheques, bank statements receiving notifications of transactions, gps location of the nearest ATM. Glad our banks are catching with online and mobile banking

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