Dignited Replay: 7 must read stories you could have missed out this week

This week the world cup games kicked off in Brazil with the hosting country beating Croatia 3 goals to 1. Here in Uganda, UBC TV disappointed when it failed to show the games through free-to-air digital channels through digital TV providers like GoTV. Here are some hand-picked stories we think you would enjoy

Building Cross-border Internet Interconnection in the East Africa
The Internet Society, in partnership with AfriNIC, successfully conducted the inauguration of the Regional Internet Exchange Point (RIXP) and Regional Internet Carrier (RIC) best practice workshop under the AXIS Project, UGO reports.  Internet traffic exchange among regional regional Internet Service Providers could translate into numerous benefits to the end-users including faster downloading speeds and fluid browsing.

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Liquid Telecom Completes Fiber Ring Boosting Internet
Liquid Telecom Group has just completed the build of the East Africa Fibre Ring that connects Kenya Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and back into Kenya, making the first fully redundant regional fibre ring Kenya’s Techmoran reports. The Fibre will ensure internet connectivity redundancy, guaranteeing constant connectivity for end users.

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Nigeria shuts down World Cup viewing centres
The world cup kicked off this Thursday with Brazil beating Croatia by 3 goals to 1. However, the Nigerian authorities in the northern state of Adamawa shut down all establishments planning to screen the World Cup beginning today in a bid to prevent further terrorist bombings in the area according to Humanipo.

Airtel to Deploy Virtual SIMs to Africa’s ‘Unphoned’ Users
Mobile network, Airtel has signed a group-wide contract with virtual SIM provider Movirtu, to provide services to Africans who cannot afford handsets: the ‘unphoned’ users Nigeria’s Techcabal reports.

Nokia, SK Telecom achieve 3.78 Gbps throughput speed on 4G LTE Network
Telecomlead.com reports that Nokia and SK Telecom have achieved a throughput speed of 3.78 Gbps on the converged TDD and FDD LTE spectrum. The fastest speeds we can achieve on 4G LTE network is 150Mpbs. Now imagine what almost 4Gbps can do?

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Tesla wants to kill gasoline by sharing its electric car technology with everyone
In an attempt to spur innovation, Tesla Motors says that it will allow anyone to use its patented technology on electric vehicles — even its biggest competitors. In a blog post, company CEO Elon Musk says that Tesla will not initiate patent lawsuits against anyone using its technology “in good faith.” writes The Verge.

The Challenges of Democratizing News and Information(pdf)
Our networked world has liberated access to information, free exchange of ideas and has turned business and personalities into billionaires. This white paper John Wihbey posted on Shorenstein centre on media, politics and public policy examines data on social media, viral patterns and digital influence.

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