Cost of Getting Bank Statements in Uganda

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The banking sector is one of the industries that hasn’t changed much for the past hundred years or so. They make money by charging service fees and interest on loans for the majority of their customers. And one of the service charges is the Bank statements.

In this article, we discuss the cost of getting Bank statements from the 24 Banks registered in the country. Explore the alternative of whether the bank offers a digital copy through internet banking and the cost as well. Buckle up, let’s proceed;

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Understanding Bank Statements

A bank statement is a summary of your financial transactions that occurred at a certain bank during a specific time period. A typical bank statement may show details of debits and credits in your account with the present balance as the last date of the statement. This includes records withdrawals, deposits, and service charges for a certain month.

Bank statements allow you to check for errors, watch for suspicious activity, and track your spending. When applying for loans or mortgages, you may also be required to present a Bank statement and there are usually 3 types of Bank statements i.e. normal statement, interim and duplicate bank statement.

A normal statement is one that you can get online or from the branch and it’s usually it’s for a year or 2. This is what we usually know as a Bank statement.

A duplicate statement is one sent to a third party at your recommendation. Duplicate statements are sent to your interested party beginning with your next statement

An interim statement is a financial report covering a period of less than one year.

Cost of Bank Statements in Uganda

 Cost of a Normal Statement(UGX)Cost of Interim Statement(UGX)Cost of Duplicate Statement(UGX)e-Statement via Online Banking
ABC CapitalFreeshs3,000 Per Pageshs3,000 Per PageN/A
AfrilandFreeshs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Page-
ABSA BankFreeshs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Page-
Bank of AfricaFreeshs5,000 Per PageNil-
Bank of IndiaNilshs3,500shs6,000-
Bank of Barodashs3,450shs5,750shs5,750-
Cairo Bankshs3,000shs3,000shs3,000-
Centenary Bankshs4,000 per pageshs4,000shs4,000-
DFCU BankFreeshs10,000shs10,000-
Diamond Bankshs5,000shs5,000 For 1 year. More than one year is shs10,000N/AFree for a duration of 1 month.
Equity Bankshs10,000 Per Pageshs10,000 Per Pageshs10,000 Per PageFree
EXIM BankFreeshs5,000shs10, 000 Per Page-
Finance Trust1 free then charge per page upto max of 100,000shs2,500Per Pageshs3,500Per Page-
GTBankfree then charge per page upto max of 100,000shs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Page-
Housing Finance Bankshs 20,000shs2,500shs2,500Free
KCB Bank UgandaFree at end of month, shs 10,000 per page for past monthsshs10,000 per pageshs10,000Free for a year
NCBA BankFreeshs5,000`shs5,000-
Opportunity Bankshs2,500shs4,000shs4,000-
Orient Bank shs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per Page-
Stanbic Bankshs10,000 Per Monthshs5,000 Per Pageshs5,000 Per PageFree for the first 6 months
Standard Chartered BankFreeshs10,000 Per Pageshs10,000 Per PageFree
Tropical Bankshs3,000N/Ashs3,000-
UBA Uganda 1 Free per quartershs5,000shs5,000-

Keep in mind, these are figures released by the Bank of Uganda in September 2021 and what you might find when you go to a bank branch might be slightly different but the discrepancy shouldn’t be the much.

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Let us know in the comment section, your experience going to a branch to get a bank statement and how much you were charged.


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