Konga Black Friday Yakata 2021: Here’s All You Should Know

konga black friday yakata 2021

Every year, Konga does their version of Black Friday which is named Konga Yakata. The dates for Konga Yakata 2021 have now been announced and as usual, you should gear up for the numerous deals and offers that come as a result of the period.

In this post, we’ll take you through everything you should know about the Konga Black Friday Yakata 2021. So this can help you plan and take advantage of the upcoming event. Read through.

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Konga Black Friday Yakata 2021: Full Details

Konga black friday yakata 2021

When is Konga Black Friday Yakata 2021?

Konga’s Black Friday sale for this year starts in 14 days. It’s one of the biggest discount periods by an e-commerce platform. It starts from 11th November – 12th December 2021. So, go fill up your shopping carts and get ready for the biggest sale of the year.

What Type of Deals Are Available?

There are different forms and types of available deals during this period. Please find them below:

  • App Only Deals: These deals are only available if you’re using the Konga mobile app. Download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.
  • Flash Sale: These ones are very limited by time. They’d only be available within a very short window.
  • Bulk Orders: Bulk order deals are available when you order for a product in bulk. They are usually appropriate for wholesalers.
  • Free Shipping: Your items can get shipped to you free of charge for some deals.
  • Treasure Hunt: This involves looking for a particular product which has been heavily discounted and not in its rightful category.
  • Store Only Deals: These deals are available by walking into any Konga retail store.

What are the Top Categories for Specially Discounted Items?

Here are the top product categories you should consider if you’re looking for specially discounted items.

  • Electronics & appliances
  • Laptops & PCs
  • Phones & tablets
  • Automotive & power
  • Fashion & style
  • Beauty & health
  • Drinks & groceries
  • Home & kitchen

That’s about everything you should know about Konga Black Friday Yakata 2021. Do keep tabs on this page to see when the deals go live. And let us know what products you’re looking to buy in the comments section.

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